Monday, October 14, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

                                    The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Abba Eban, Israeli diplomat and author.

What the sage Eban noted decades ago remains as fresh and perceptive today. 

Give the Arabs a chance to make peace with Israel and the first thing Mahmoud Abbas and his henchmen hand back are a list of pre-conditions.

Provide Hamas with the means to ease relations with the Jewish State and what happens, Israel receives a cold slap in return.

It was ever thus, when the Arabs were massacring Jews long before Israel was born and -- since 1948 -- this eternal enmity toward the Middle East's only democracy remains as intense as ever.

The terrorists who run Gaza offer a cogent case in point. 

Although the Hamas-inspired thousand-plus rocket attacks over the years should have told the Israelis that it's pointless to do any favors for the enemy, Benjamin Netanyahu's government always has sought ways and means of demonstrating that Israel is ready to forgive.

With that in mind, Bibi gave the Israeli green light to shipments of construction supplies to Gaza on the assumption that such items as concrete would be employed for peaceful purposes. 

If nothing else, this was yet another opportunity for Hamas to understand that the Israelis will provide a peaceful hand if, in return, the Jews receive nothing but peace in reciprocation. In other words, it would not cost Hamas a penny to make nice for a change.

But once again, the Arabs missed the opportunity.


Rather than using the concrete -- as it was meant to be -- for peaceful purposes Hamas once again showed its bloody colors. 

Israeli security forces discovered that the cement was used to create a passageway for terrorists to enter Israel and wreak the brand of bloody havoc for which Hamas is notorious. 

No less than 500 tons of cement -- originally earmarked for civilian building -- went into construction of a formidable tunnel that extended from the Gaza village of Abbasan al-Saghira directly into Israel. The tunnel exit was frighteningly close to Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha. Close enough, in fact, for a gun-wielding Hamas group to attack said kibbutz with impunity. 

Some peaceful use, eh.

Photos of the tunnel reveal that it has the look of something built for a thin subway train; very substantial or, to put it another way, an ideal conduit for a Hamas cadre of killers.

Which is what it was meant to be since there have been no plans for a Gaza-Israeli subway in the works; or even an express bus for that matter.

After viewing the hellish concrete conduit, IDF Gaza Division Commander, Brigadier General Michael Edelstein called it, "A gross violation of the ceasefire (and is) against Israel and against the Palestinians."

Edelstein's point is more comprehensive than even he may have meant it to be because what happens in Gaza has a direct relationship with Judea-Samaria as well as the so-called "peace talks" forcefully -- and foolishly -- being pushed by the White House.

Barack Obama and John Kerry view the Arab side with blinders. They talk about peace with the Abbas Gang as if the PA rules Gaza; which it sure doesn't. The president and his naive Secretary of State make it seem as if Gaza is populated by two million sheep in search of a shepherd. 

Wake up fellows; smell the coffee. This is the same Hamas outfit that pushed the PA out of Gaza a lot faster than Hitler routed the French in 1940. 

Should -- don't bet on it -- an Israeli-PA peace treaty be hammered out, you can bet that Hamas would deliver a similar roundhouse right to Abbas only this time he and his corrupt company would wind up somewhere in Tunisia, a la Yassir Arafat. Yet, Obama-Kerry pretend that a deal with Abbas with also include peace with Gaza. Better they should expect a crocodile to reject a nice cow offering for dinner.

The blundering American leadership will continue to maintain its high I.Q. (Ineptitude Quotient) as it has vis-a-vis Iran. Through White House eyes the Iranian leopard is really a lamb. While Tehran speeds up its nuclear program, it now is propagandizing a "new" sweetness-and-light image. Fortunately not everyone if duped. Israel Hayom columnist Boaz Bismuth is one who sees through the Iranian Mister Nice Guy, President Hasan Rouhani.

Bismuth: "What else does Rouhani need to write and say to his people for the world in general and the United States in particular to understand that the Iranians are pulling a fast one over all of us?"

Meanwhile, Hamas' "fast one," the concrete tunnel, will cost those vile Hamas plotters. Israel has halted the transfer of construction supplies to the Strip. 

Naturally, the nutcases on the Left will yell and scream over what a hardship it will inflict on Gaza. 

Somewhere between the yells and screams, the lefties might take time to wonder about the hardships that would have been caused Israel had the tunnel been used for the purpose it was built -- to kill Jews.

Yet another Arab opportunity becomes a missed opportunity as it should because once again it shows the Arab enemy for what it really is; no more, no less.

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