Monday, October 14, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Listening to Yasser Abed Rabbo criticize Israel's position on solving the Arab-Israeli peace puzzle you would think that history began yesterday.

Rabbo, who doubles as rabble-rouser and secretary of the PLO, is one of only two Palestinian officials authorized to comment on negotiations with Israel. 

That leaves Rabbo with three options:

1. He can keep his big mouth shut.

2. He can speak the truth.

3. He can lie between his teeth and even between his gums as well.

By maintaining silence, as the Israelis respectfully have done, Rabbo would avoid incendiary comments that flame the talks and invariably will burn them to the ground, which is where they are anyway.

By speaking the truth, he would have to tell the world that, from the get-go, his delegation broke the "No Pre-Condtions" rule by demanding that the Israelis stop building apartments in Judea and Samaria and that Benjamin Netanyahu release scores of Palestinians who have made a hobby of murder.

Naturally Rabbo chose to forget history and, instead,  extracted more lies from the PLO's cesspool of misinformation. 

By attacking Bibi and the Prime Minister's most recent speech in which the Jewish leader asserted that as long as the Arabs refuse to recognized the Jewish State there can be no peace, Rabbo reveals that he's the obstructionist.

Rabbo conveniently forgets that long before the founding of Israel, Arabs were attacking Jewish homes and murdering Jews wherever possible. 

Amnesia strikes Rabbo's brain when the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is mentioned. The PLO leader pretends not to know that during World War II The Mufti proudly posed with Adolf Hitler as the two accelerated the Holocaust from Nazi headquarters. Then, as now, it was difficult to discern whether it was the Nazis or Arabs who were more zealous in speeding Germany's Final Solution -- the extermnation of six million European Jews.

Given their druthers, Rabbo and his henchman, Mahmoud Abbas, would follow the Helen Thomas dictum. Those Arabs -- if they could -- would dispatch every Israeli from whence he and she came -- back to Europe and Middle Eastern countries where Jews now are disdained as they were in the pre-World War II days.

"Recognize our right to live here in our own sovereign state," says Netanyahu, "our nation state; only then will peace be possible."

But peace is impossible because the Arabs live by a double-standard. They won't recognize Israel for what it is,The Jewish State. But they want a state of their own that would be completely judenrein. Some deal that is.

Some of Bibi's critics within the Knesset got a first-hand look at this two-faced PLO modus operandi when Israeli Liberal MKs visited with Rabbo and Abbas. Several times the oft-naive Jewish leftists confronted the PA leadership on the issue of recognizing "Jewish Israel."

This was a significant moment of truth for the Israeli liberals who as a matter of reflex action do all they can to oppose their Prime Minister. Sure enough -- true to their Jew-hatred -- Abbas and Rabbo ignored the Israelis request. Abbas told them to "leave the specific issues to the negotiators." Which is another way of saying "Go jump in the Mediterranean.

Since John Kerry was so adamant about Israel producing goodwill peace-talk gestures -- such as setting free Arab murderers from Israeil jails -- now would be the time for Uncle Sam's Secretary of State to balance the negotiating scales and demand a good will gesture from the PLO side; recognition of Israel as the Jewish state.

That, of course, will never happen and it explains why the Kerry-Obama peace offensive is doomed to sink in The Lake of Wishful Thinking.

America's president, who favors Islamists over all, will do all he can to force an Israeli-PA pact at Bibi's expense.

But as long as the Rabbos of the world refuse to acknowledge Israel for what it is -- The Jewish State -- all the talk coming out of Ramallah will rebound right back to the Arabs desire to rid the Middle East of Jews.

The Grand Mufti almost succeeded in that contemptible crusade during the early 1940s.. A good seven decades later, Bibi has learned from Rabbo the lesson that the Mufti taught 70 years ago; a Judenrein Middle East will be the only that that will make the Arabs happy.

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