Friday, October 25, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Deception Is The Tool Of Charlatans -- This comes directly from my wife, not Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

When it comes to my personal Hit Parade of Middle East Political charlatans, Mahmoud Abbas and those who represent Iran at the nuclear negotiating table top the list.

Any of them have already re-defined the term phony.

In the case of the Palestinian Authority leader, his utterances are to be taken with a ton of salt. 

Only the likes of Barak Obama, European Union flunkies and assorted leftists take Abbas seriously because their top priority -- no matter what song and dance they do -- essentially is to undermine Israel.

America's duplicitous president made life worse for Benjamin Netanyahu when he resumed contact with the Iranians at a time when Uncle Sam's sworn enemy was falling to its knees. This was a colossal mistake because Iran was growing weak and was a sitting duck for a pinpoint bombing combine launched by America, its European Allies and Israel.

Unfortunately, Obama will do anything to appease Arabs and proved it starting with his disgustingly obsequious Cairo speech that undermined Hosni Mubarak. Don't for a moment be fooled Obama remains Israel's most subtly sublime enemy. To say that he's a wolf in sheep's clothing is an insult to any sheep that ever said bahh. 

A wolf can get away with it but not Obama because every day and in every appeasing way his vile attempts at deception cannot be hidden. 

The chief executive promotes Iran as if the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani suddenly has been transformed into the Mother Teresa of Islam. And with such an obsequious so-called leader of the Free World in the White House, the Iranians will naturally pretend to scale back their atomic program only to a point where it can quickly be revved up as a destructive force once sanctions are lifted.

"Iran's goal is to take over the entire Middle East and beyond," says Bibi with clarity and easy insight, "and to destroy the State of Israel. This is not speculation; this is their goal." 

Nor do the Iranians make any bones about that goal yet the White House pretends otherwise. 

Obama's diplomatic stooge, John Kerry, operates under the same deceptive cloak through which any sensible analyst can see. A mere millisecond after Abbas whines, Kerry bows to the Arab's wishes. That explains why the Secretary of State did an about-face about peace talk pre-conditions almost from the get-go.

Talks opened with a clear-cut American statement that there should be no pre-conditions.

Whoops! Abbas began whining and -- poof! just like that -- Kerry did his turnabout and allowed the PA procrastinator to demand a release of blood-on-their-hands Palestinian prisoners. This, in turn, inspired Abbas to list more and more pre-conditions.

And when the issue of Hamas' role after -- theoretically, of course -- an Israeli-PA peace pact is signed, Abbas countered that Hamas will be sanitized and not a problem. About two minutes after the words flew out of Mahmoud's mouth the word from Hamas' headquarters blared that a third intifada should immediately be launched against Israel. 

In his dream world, Kerry pretends that none of these Israel-threatening acts are being perpetrated yet they are being instigated from Ramallah to Gaza City with abhorrent regularity. Endlessly, Abbas talks about Jews who live in Samaria and Judea as if they are "occupiers." This is patent nonsense because Jews have every right to live in their ancient homeland. 

Whether Obama, Kerry or the EU like to think so or not, settlements as an obstacle to peace is purely another brand of Arab hokum and bunkum.

"There were no settlements for 46 years, from 1921 to 1967," Netanyahu explains. "That's nearly half a century. We were excoriated by the Arab public unrelated to settlements, unrelated to what is presented as the historic heart of the struggle."

Not a single settlement existed during World War II when the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, closely collaborated with Hitler to speed the extermination of Europe's Jews.

"The Mufti," Bibi concludes, "is still an admired figure in the Palestinian national movement."

Bottom Line: Until the Arabs recognize Israel as what it is -- the Jewish State -- there never will be any peace.

It's about time Obama, Kerry and the Jew-haters who set America's Israeli policies wake up to reality. 

Whether it's the mullahs in Tehran or the Hamas terrorists in Gaza or Abbas with the forked tongue in Ramallah, as long as the Islamists want Israel wiped out, there never will be amity in the Middle East.

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