Sunday, December 29, 2013


By Sig Demling

The one-sided nature of negotiations between the Arabs and Israelis never have been more apparent than in this Christmas season.

On the one hand Israel prepares to release more blood-on-their hands prisoners as a gesture of good will and in return, the intensity of venomous Jew-hating increases over the Palestinian airwaves and further increases while more Israelis are killed by Arabs.

This is the way the idiotic John Kerry "peace" process works -- Israel pays the price but gets no reward in return.

That is unless you count -- as a "reward" -- more rocketry from Gaza that continually threatens Israeli cities such as Ashkelon, Ashdod and Sderot, just to name a few.

In the very, very unlikely event that a peace pact can be negotiated, Prime Minister Netanyahu surley must be aware that absolutely none of the anti-Israel diatribes will be abated. Incitement against Israel will continue and terrorism will remain the top Arab priority. 

There's an obvious reason for that statement. For proof, you merely have to study Arab reaction to every single goodwill concession made by Israel in order to keep Kerry's peace process alive.

Israel relinquishes Gaza and Hamas overthrows the PA. That done, Hamas declares war against the Jewish State and the Arab missile assaults never end.

* Israel endlessly releases prisoners while incitement against the Middle East's only democracy continues unabated.

* Israeli citizens innocently riding a bus barley escape an Arab terrorist's bomb meant to blow them to death. Yet a not a single word of regret -- forget about an apology -- is heard from Mahmoud Abbas. 

And while all this goes on -- and Bibi's concessions continue -- Abbas will not even concede the obvious; that Israel is the Jewish state.

The prevailing opinion among some political savants is that the PM will do virtually anything not to disturb Kerry although it has been apparent from the get-go -- and certainly obvious from the dastardly Iran sellout -- that the Secretary of State and his hypocritical president are enemies of Israel.

If you doubt that consider the fact that Kerry-Obama never utter a peep of complaint about Arabs slaying Israelis -- and doing so with virtual impunity. Never will Obama-Kerry blame Abbas for his steadfast rejection of virtually every reasonable offer made by Bibi. 

My point is that the time has come for the Prime Minister to cease and desist with prisoner releases and other Obama-forced friendship gestures which gain nothing in return.

Poliitics aside, Bibi should listen up to his Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett who minces no words about the enemy with whom peace is impossible. 

"Israel is continuing with the peace process as though there is no terror while the Palestinians are continuing the terror as though there is no peace process," says Bennett with extreme accuracy. "The claim that the Palestinian  Authority is not connected to the terror attacks is blowing up in our faces every day."

Not surprisingly, the killing of an Israeli worker along the Gaza border caused jubilation among the Hamas terrorists as did the near-bus disaster when Israelis were evacuated mere minutes before the bomb exploded.

Such sick, sinister reactions among the Gaza and West Bank Arabs should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the Palestinian educational system.

Again, Bennett has the bullseye explanation: "When you educate children in terror from the age of kindergarten, when your television broadcasts depict Jews as monsters, when even Tel Aviv is not on your maps -- then you are a terrorist."

My advice: The next time Kerry lays out his grand, fallacious plan for Arab-Israeli peace, I would read Bennett's words to the Secretary of State and then sing a chorus of the legendary Louis Jordan's tune to him:

"I Told You I Love You -- Now Get Out!"

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