Wednesday, December 11, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Pinocchio -- A living puppet with the help of his cricket as his "conscience."

If Pinocchio's creator, Carlo Collodi, was around today he'd chuckle every time John Kerry delivered a speech about Israel.

"That's my boy," Collodi would say about Kerry, "the Pinocchio of today is America's Secretary of State."

There is a difference, of course. When the fictional Pinocchio told a lie his nose grew longer and longer until everybody around him could tell that he had told a real whopper. 

The puppet of Barack Obama, Kerry tells his lies with more gusto and pretension than Pinocchio ever did and without the secretary's nose even growing an inch. 

But, a lie is a lie. And just like the Arabs never an opportunity to miss an opportunity, Kerry never fails to miss an opportunity to tell a big, fat fib while his Mendacity Quotient knows no limits.

This has been more apparent in the past week during the recently concluded Saban Forum of the Brookings Institute which attracted a score of political notables eager to pontificate, including Kerry.

Since Haim Saban, the Forum's benefactor, is a major fiscal supporter of the puppeteer Obama, Kerry felt free to deliver his most consistent lie -- that negotiations with the Palestinians are closer than ever to produce a historic compromise. 

Such a statement is absurd when one considers the facts on the ground, on the Temple Mount, in the West Bank and Gaza schools. From Iran to Gaza the facts point to the puppet and his puppeteer as liars because of one indisputable fact. 

The Arabs, whether they're in Syria, Judea or Samaria, refuse to accept Israel for what it is -- the Jewish State -- and have done so forever.

In Tehran, the so-called "moderates" refer to Jews as pigs; and worse. 

In Ramallah, children are taught to hate Israel. Unfortunately, they won't find a map of Israel in their textbooks since Mahmoud Abbas long ago saw to it that kids should be taught that Israel doesn't exist.

Why would Kerry pull a Pinocchio and even suggest that a deal with Arabs can be cut?

 Because he's a lying dreamer. 

Perhaps if he would listen up to Benjamin Netanyahu's simple but insightful statement, Kerry would realize the hopelessness of his cause in dealing with Abbas, Inc.

"They (the Arabs) persistently refuse to accept the Jewish state, in any border," Bibi asserts. "The question shouldn't be, why does Israel make this demand? The question is, why do the Palestinians refuse to accept it?"

I can answer that question for the Prime Minister. Abbas, the Iranian mullahs, Assad and the myriad other Jew-haters have been encouraged to incessantly dump on Israel by the American president.

From the moment he took office and delivered his emphatically pro-Arab speech in Cairo to Obama's disastrous capitulation to Iran at the Geneva meetings, Uncle Sam's feeble leader has made endless concessions to militant Islam while putting the screws on the Middle East's only democracy.

If the marionette Kerry is a liar, his puppeteer is the biggest of them all and it all is rooted in his most infamous prevarication, "I have Israel's back."

Were that statement even a half-truth, the president would have hit back and hit back hard every time an Iranian leader uttered any one of the many genocidal statements about wiping out Israel. When the mullahs call for the destruction of Tel Aviv, Obama gets a case of lockjaw. When Iranian politicos label Jews as pigs -- and worse -- not a peep or protest can be heard from Kerry.

Critics charge that Bibi should mute his criticism of the disastrous deal cut in Geneva. Don't make me laugh.

History has proven that behind-closed doors diplomacy fails in crises such as the ones facing Israel. As was recently noted in Israel Hayom, "Seventy-five years ago the Jews tried to talk to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and that did not help the Jews of Europe."

Like the Democrat Roosevelt, the Democrat Obama and his puppet continue to ignore the lessons of history. They conveniently forget about Munich. They forget about Haj amin-al-husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who publicly convened with Hitler to exterminate European Jews.

 Neville Chamberlain at Munich proclaimed "Peace in our time" after appeasing Hitler. The British Prime Minister soon would be proven a liar and a dreamer.

Substitute Obama and Kerry for Hitler and Chamberlain and you have an excellent idea why the American propagandists have as much chance of placating the Jew-hating Arabs as Pinocchio has of running the United Nations.

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