Monday, December 23, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

This is how the political world is tilted against Israel.

Week by week more evidence is discovered about Assad's use of poison gas to subdue thousands after thousands of his foes. 

Month by month Uncle Sam and the European Union punish Assad by doing virtually nothing to stop the butchery.  

Meanwhile, all Israel does is attempt to live a peaceful life while assailed by Islamic militants on all sides. Add to that a virulently Jew-hating United Nations official whose job is to be fair to all sides; as long as one of them is not Israel.

Richard Falk, a bigot among bigots, who carries some fancy title such as United Nations Special rapporteur, believes that he's primarily being paid to attack Israel. That's his priority agenda and the reason why he should have been ousted a long ago. Yet Falk is permitted to spew his hateful remarks with virtual impunity.

Only the Dominion of Canada has had the gumption to lay it on the line with Falk, demanding his ouster -- immediately. 

By contrast we have the typically wishy-washy response from the Barack Obama camp.  vanilla, tepid and equivocal. The White House wouldn't dare demand that Falk get the boot; all we get from the State Department is fatuous rationales why it won't go that far.

Of course one never hears a discouraging word from Falk the Phony when it comes to true genocide which has been openly practiced in Syria for two years without any sign of stopping. Now can anyone explain this egregious imbalance; Israel is blamed for building homes in Judea and Samaria -- land  up for negotiation -- while Assad revs up his killing machine with impunity?

Yet, the explanation is as clear as any other phony case in which the growing world of anti-Semites will find fault with Benjamin Netanyahu if he should happen to blow his nose the wrong way.

Part of the problem is that Israel does not rebuke its tormentors as fervently -- and with high decibel count -- as I would like.

That explains why I've come to appreciate the attitude of Naftali Bennett.

There's no equivocation when he makes a point; not political correctitude from Israel's Economy and Trade Minister.

He views John Kerry's peace talks for what they are -- a bunch of ideas designed to give the Arabs a distinct advantage over Israel.

Unlike the more cautious Benjamin Netanyahu, Bennett points out that Israel's mortal enemy, Hamas, must be factored into peace talks. 

With precious sarcasm, Bennett puts it this way: "Maybe I missed the news and Hamas in Gaza recognized Israel and stopped firing rockets. Or, to put it even mored succinctly , Bennet adds that peace talks that do not include the Hamas leaders would be "a joke."

No joke is the obvious Kerry-Obama scheme to force a treaty unfavorable to Israel down Bibi's throat.

Bennett can see through the phoniness of the president and his puppet. Naftali's warning should not be ignored.

"So you'll commit suicide and relinquish our responsibility over our security because someone puts pressure on you? Ehud Barak promised everything to the Palestinians and we got one thousand dead. We were promised that Gaza would turn into Singapore and we got thousands of rockets. The result of Oslo was fifteen hundred dead."

In other words, if a peace treaty gives the Palestinians a "state," Israel will be attacked from all sides. 

And if you have any doubts about that, just re-read Bennett's straightforward appraisal of what happened after Oslo and once Israel moved out of Gaza.

Hamas wants to kill Jews; the Palestinian Authority feels likewise only with a more subtle approach.

Bibi must resist any con jobs from the White House phonies because the political world, led by Obama, is severely tilted against Israel.

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