Tuesday, December 3, 2013


By Sig Demling

I am falser than vows made in wine. -- William Shakespeare, "The Winter's Tale."

The Bard of Avon did not have either Barack Obama nor John Kerry in mind when he wrote the above lines about lying but it fits the Duplicitous Democrat Duo like hand-made gloves.

From the president's pre-election promise -- "I have Israel's back" -- to the secretary of state's underhanded, Neville Chamberlain-like dealings with the Iranians, lie is the simplest, most direct term available for those Pennsylvania Avenue charlatans.

Just three little letters -- lie -- best describe the manner in which the White House has handled its relationship with the country which so closely embodies the values and spirit of the United States; Israel.

Yet, every since Obama became president, he has successfully lied to American Jewry while deceiving Israel's leadership.

In fact there are times when the president appears to be more Arab in his thinking than Mahmoud Abbas.

But as Benjamin Netanyahu has correctly and vigorously pointed out, the more acute problem has little to do with the propped-up, relatively weak Palestinian Authority leader and everything to do with Iran's relentless march toward militant nuclear capability.

When Bibi pointed out the the threat from Tehran more than a year ago, Uncle Sam's feeble leader promised that he had a red line in mind. If the mullahs crossed that red line, America would take action. "All options -- including military -- are on the table," Obama promised.

Now, however, we have painfully discovered that the man is a sociopath; a congenital liar. His mendacity knows no bounds as more than a hundred thousand murdered Syrians learned after Obama promised action to save them if Assad employed chemical weapons. 

What multiplies the hurt -- especially to Israel -- is that the president's incompetency matches his the depth of his capacity to constantly delve into the Land of the Untruths. 

He promised his constituents a health plan to end all health plans and what have they received but a bungled mess that could better have been contrived had a bloc of kindergarten  students huddled over the formula. 

With no health plan solution in sight, White House advisors have delivered a spate of alibis that could extend from the Potomac to the Pacific. And, guess what?  Even onetime supporters of this ludicrous leader are finally getting it; they are wondering what this guy is all about.

And they come up with the same answer; Obama is a lying incompetent. 

Lying incompetent.

Take those two words and you can equally apply them to the health care mess and to the Iranian pact.

The ineptitude that has led to the failed health plan is patently obvious. It was ill-contrived -- in spite of vigorous opposition -- and pushed down the throats of American citizens. First ineptitude; then the lies.

Ditto for Iran. 

The sense of history was there for all to see. Neville Chamberlain went to Munich; appeased Adolf Hitler and the dictator then trampled as much of Europe -- while exterminating six million Jews -- as he could until the Aliies ended the horror in 1945. 

Hitler lied through his teeth and the weak-kneed British Prime Minister capitulated to every phony promise made by the Nazi.

Now the Iranians are doing likewise lying and the incompetent Obama-Kerry team -- oblivious of Munich, Chamberlain and Hitler -- have rushed through a deal that will prove an existential threat to Israel and, in time, the entire world. 

Only the very naive -- and Israel-haters -- should believe that any good can come from the Teheran carpet-sellers' promises.

Those with a sense of Munch's results can only conclude that Obama' promises are falser than vows made in wine!

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