Monday, December 30, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

He lies with a forked tongue. -- Anonymous. 

A forked tongue has two prongs. With vipers, in particular, you don't want them near you.

When it comes to Middle East politics, one prong can be called Barack Obama and the other John Kerry.

Together they comprise the viper determine to poison the State of Israel.

Over and over again they lie with a forked tongue and, inevitably, Benjamin Netanyahu -- among others -- is paralyzed by their palaver.

What lies? 

Start with Obama's red lines; the ones which, if crossed, would produce a powerful White House response. 

Iran's nuclear noodniks crossed the line a long time ago. 

First the chief executive responded by burying his head in the oil sands. Then he pulled it out and decided to kiss the tooches of Tehran's mullahs.

Thus, when it came to Iran, the president's red line turned frighteningly white.

Was that an aberration? 

Not with this lying bozo. Remember the red line he drew in case Bashar al-Assad employed poison gas against the Syrian rebels?

When it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by United Nations inspectors -- among others -- that chemical weapons were being used by Assad's forces, Obama erased the red line and did what he does best -- nothing.

So, what's the lesson here; especially for Bibi? 

Don't trust the lying twins, Obama and his trusty, dusty First Lord of Mendacity, Kerry.

And what lies has Kerry spouted?

For starters, the secretary of state launched his high-falootin' round of Israeli-Arab peace talks assuring both sides that the conferences will be held with no pre-talk concessions demanded of either side; and that seemed fair enough.

Except that fair when it comes to the Arabs is equated with giving in to every single Arab demand. And, as sure as the sun rises in the East, Mahmoud Abbas announced that the Palestinians would not proceed with discussions unless Israel released what amounted to an astounding number of prisoners with blood on their hands.

It was, as the Kerry camp, likes to call it, "a goodwill gesture."

Now, in a normal, civilized world, of which the Arabs are not a part, one "goodwill gesture" would inspire another from the other side. In this case the reciprocal trade agreement should have required the Arabs to once and for all recognize Israel as the Jewish State, which it is.

Ah, but in the Lying Land of Kerry, no such goodwill gesture was forthcoming; only more demands from Abbas and more threats to quit the discussions and go running to the UN for recognition for a state that never should be acknowledged in the first place.

And with Kerry returning for yet another round of talks, the lying will continue. Rather than being even-handed, Obama's puppet will attempt to force-feed more concessions from Israel and nothing from the other side. 

Or, as Eli Hazan writes in Israel Hayom, the Palestinians have been drawing a contradictory line basically destroying everything Israel has tried so hard to build."

I completely agree with Hazan. Palestinian textbooks omit a map of Israel. Tel Aviv does not even exist as far as Arab schools are concerned. Meanwhile, Palestinians in Gaza continue to hurl missiles at Israeli cities. This is what Bibi gets for playing Mister Nice Guy.

"That (Arab) contradictory line," writes Hazan, "forces Israel to wonder and seriously question the Palestinians true intentions. It reminds us of the 1990s when Yasser Arafat would talk about peace in English and then turn around and give legitimacy to terrorism."

It's happening right now and you don't have to be hit by a Gaza-based missile to understand the point. 

"We are repeating past mistakes," Hazan correctly concludes.

Kerry and Obama disagree and that, among other reasons, is why they speak with a forked tongue.

The best thing Kerry can do this time around is draw another red line. You can be sure that if it isn't directed at harming Israel, it will disappear!

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