Monday, December 2, 2013


By Simon Fischler
American President Barack Obama has done what no US president before would ever think of doing: breaking Americas greatest and most moral foreign policy stance --support of Israel and the Jewish Nation in the face of constant Arab colonialist policies! 
American support for Israel has never been easy, nor has it ever been financially easy; after all, it is in direct conflict with the Arab nations control the worlds oil!
America has supported Israel because it is the morally correct position. This American stance has been in contradiction and anathema to most countries foreign policies, but it is an integral part of what has made America different and great.
Barack Obama has officially flushed this philosophy of defending the Middle Easts only democracy and the Jewish Nation state down the toilet! The president has sold out Israel for Iran, period.
The secret talks (emphasis on the fact that America did not make Israel aware of these back channel discussions with Iran) that led to the Geneva Negotiations are just the tip of a very devious iceberg the Obama Administration has been working on.
Obama will go down in history as the worst president to date. The harm he is inflicting on America and her allies wont become completely visible for years. 
The policies of his administration inside of America have polarized the nation, but it is his foreign policies that will cripple America and lose her the trust of important allies from Europe, the Middle East and even Asia.
In fact, is it not interesting that China declared its new Air Defense Zone over Islands that have  been part of Japan for decades just the week after Obama forced Secretary of State John Kerry to sign the Geneva Deal?
But, as a Jew, it is his policies towards Israel that are most disturbing
Obama has given Iran the ability to create Nuclear weapons through his impotency, period. The Munich-like deal hatched in Geneva will do nothing to stop Iran from advancing its nuclear program. Furthermore, Iran now views Obama in the same light that Russian President Vladimir Putin sees him: as a spineless weakling who would rather curtail Americas clout than rise to the occasion and face down enemies of liberty, freedom and democratic principles.
Iran will advance in Syria and will prop up Hezbollah in its colonialist drive to dominate the Levant, continuing to arm Assad and Hezbollah with rockets and long range missiles. These bad guys will also get both chemical and tactical nuclear weapons in the future.
Eventually, because the Iranian mullahs (unlike Obama) truly believe in something -- that is the Shia tenets of the end of days, they will train those weapons of mass destruction on the Jewish people and its Nation State, Israel. When the Mullahs say they wish to destroy Israel and the Jewish Nation they are doing nothing more than admitting their hopes of finishing what Mohammad attempted when he turned on the Jewish Nation for their defiance of him as a prophet! 
When this does happen the blood of millions will be on the hands of the Obama Administration, the Democratic Party and those who blindly support the Emperor in his new clothes.
For the Jews out there who laugh at Israel and who stand against the historical and internationally ratified law granting the Jewish Nation its right to self-determination: never forget that you are no different than the Jews who laughed at those fighting for Israel in the beginning; you are no different than the Jews who said the Shoah could never happen in Europe.

Think about how many lives could have been saved and what could have happened if Neville Chamberlin and Edouard Daladier had stopped Hitler at Munich!

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