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Stateless and still seeking the destruction of Israel -- what does that get you?


Maybe instead it should be called VICTIMISM? 

That’s simply because of this indisputable fact: when a nation spends all of its time blaming another party for its problems, it becomes the eternal victim whether or not it really is the victim. 

A brief historical review proves that this “victimization” has enveloped the Palestinians from the get-go.

With that in mind, let me point out that nearly every Israel-basher conveniently forgets a pivotal point.

This is fact; the United Nations agreed on 29 November 1947 to two states in the land of Israel. 

One of these states was clearly worded for the Jews and one for the Arabs.

The Jews agreed to accept; the Arabs did not and decided on war, a war specifically to annihilate the Jews of Israel.

We know the history! 

This great war that the Arab leadership promised it’s people would bring about the complete destruction and genocide of Israel and Jewish life in Israel. This war ended up leading to the defeat of the Arabs and Israel’s independence.

What’s more, they were defeated despite having an overwhelming advantage of multiple Arab armies arrayed against a rag-tag, patched-together, nascent Israeli Defense Forces.

Nonetheless, Israel (the real David) managed to secure her Independence with the help of nobody.

The Palestinians lost everything allotted to them from the United Nations, they did this even with the help of the United Kingdom and the whole oil producing world! 

Somehow, the way the pro-Palestinians put it, this is all Israel’s fault.


During the Israeli war of independence, while Israel was fighting for its life, David Ben Gurion fought a short but nasty Civil War. 

It lasted for only one skirmish, but in that battle Ben Gurion gave the okay to sink a ship filled with badly needed weapons for Israel’s fight for independence and Holocaust survivors. 

The ship was called the Altalena and it belonged to Menachem Begin’s underground militia, the Irgun.

This is an important piece of history from which the Palestinians have never learned.

If Mahmoud Abbas is not willing -- nor able --to corral the mini-armies belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the Palestinians never will have a state, nor will they deserve a state! 

Ben Gurion knew this and it is why he sunk the Altalena.

The Palestinians simply cannot legitimately blame Israel forever if there are thousands of armed militants running the Gaza strip! 

A reflection on The Oslo Accords reveals how completely the Palestinians have enrobed themselves in this guise of victim.

Consider what unfolded at Oslo.

Israel had everything to lose and the Palestinians had everything to gain.

In return for the Gaza strip and Judea/Samaria, that is land for building and land for defense, Israel would get a piece of paper saying that there was now a peace partnership between Israel and the Palestinians; and that Israel existed as a state.

There was, however, a paper problem.

Israel already did exist, so who needed it on a piece of paper?

Then, Ehud Barak committed one of the world’s most ingenious victories in a hand of poker!  

Knowing the end result and hoping to expose his enemy he offered Yasser Arafat all of Gaza, 97% of Judea and Samaria, plus East Jerusalem and the Muslim and Christian quarters of The Old City. 

Ehud Barak knew this was an offer that no sane negotiating leader could refuse.

Sadly the military genus Ehud Barak failed to take into consideration the prevalent anti-Semitism in Western Europe! 

When Arafat said no to Palestinian Statehood only America rallied to Israel’s side! 

Not only were Barak and U.S. President Bill Clinton rebuffed, Arafat then spit in their face by starting a war against Israeli citizens!

What has been revealed in the years since the start of Arafat’s war presents a more sinister picture of the Palestinians true intentions. 

The Palestinians were planning to go to war as soon as the Camp David talks failed. 

They used Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most holy site, as an excuse. 

It is fact that Sharon’s trip was also planned ahead of time with the Palestinian leadership to guarantee a smooth and pleasant visit for Sharon with no violence. 

As we know today the Palestinians intentionally did the opposite. 

Here is a quote from Imad Falouji who was then the PA Communications Minister: “The Intifada was carefully planned since the return of (Palestinian President) Yasser Arafat from Camp David negotiations rejecting the U.S. conditions." 

A statement from Mamduh Nofal, former military commander of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, supplied more evidence of pre-September 28 military preparations. Nofal recounts that “Arafat told us, ‘Now we are going to fight, so we must be ready.’"

During Arafat’s War more than four thousand Palestinians were killed, mostly in Israeli retaliatory strikes to suicide bombings and attacks against Israeli citizens. 

The Palestinian economy was totally destroyed and Palestinian society is still on the brink of collapse. 

Yet the Palestinians blame Israel for their sorrow, instead of taking responsibility for their actions. 

Just as Europe and the Arab Supremacist, Palestinian Authority are attempting to blame Israel for the failure of the Kerry Peace Talks! 

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