Tuesday, January 14, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Let's Face The Music And Dance -- Words and Music by Irving Berlin, from the musical, "Follow The Fleet."

Now you may wonder what a classic tune by a Jewish composer has to do with Middle East politics; and so you should. So, here goes:

Benjamin Netanyahu must face the music.

The discordant tune is coming from the White House, Ramallah and European capitals from where Israel's Prime Minister is being unfairly pressured to make disastrous concessions so that John Kerry can boast that he produced an Israeli peace pact.

Once he has faced that miserable music, the leader of the Middle East's only democracy must stand firm, tall and, once and for all, declare that Mahmoud Abbas and his band of terrorists are about as "moderate" as Tyrannosaurus Rex was in the Age of dinosaurs. 

Having faced that music, Bibi then must accept the inevitable and that would be an attempt by the PA to gain status from the United Nations, EU and the many other anti-Semitic leaders who will do anything to demean and weaken the State of Israel. 

That's where the dancing enters the picture. Only this time Israel must follow the steps of Yassir Arafat who -- in Oslo -- won ridiculous concessions from deceptive left wing Israelis and then danced away from them because peace never was on the Arab agenda.

Sure, a precious few who engaged Arafat during negotiations -- Bill Clinton, for one -- verbally indicted Yassir for destroying the so-called peace process but Arafat couldn't have cared less about a verbal thwacking from an American.

Aware that there's validity in the bromide, Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me, Arafat merely shrugged off Clinton's criticism and launched another one of his favorite pastimes, an intifada.

What's more Arafat smilingly danced away from Clinton's kid glove slap with nary a wound and intensified his war against the Jews. That war never abated and has been maintained in one lethal form or another by Abbas and fellow Arabs among Hezbollah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and assorted factions in Iran, Syria and Turkey. 

The ostrich-like Kerry will ignore those who would destroy Israel and will demand sanctions along with his EU cronies. That's precisely why Israel must stand up to those assaults and -- in the Arafat manner -- do its own dance in spite of them.

Meanwhile, Kerry continues his vaudeville act, playing such venues as Jerusalem, Ramallah and assorted palaces in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. 

As one Israeli diplomat cogently observes, "Kerry visits here a lot, but he does not display any understanding of what is happening here." 

If ever a statement was right-on, that one is it.

Consider this; since the Egyptian military has clamped down on the Muslim Brotherhood, the MB's allies in Gaza have panicked. Hamas knows it's in deep do-do as long as the anti-Brotherhood military rules Cairo. Desperate to stay alive, the leaders in Gaza want to make peace with Abbas, Inc. to form a new alliance.

Now if Kerry had even a clue about what's going on he'd be discussing the grim possibility of a Hamas-PA merger and how it would make what's now an unrealistic "peace process" even more impossible than ever. 

Even without the Hamas-PA threat, Kerry's "framework" for a settlement apparently is riddled with elements that would lead to Israel's destruction. Writing in Israel Hayom, Isi Liebler reveals that Kerry has no more sensitivity toward Israeli concerns than the Sheik of Araby.

"Senior Israeli diplomatic officials," says Liebler, "have called Kerry's security plan for the Jordan Valley 'ridiculous and unable to withstand the test of reality.'"

What does Kerry's vaudeville show promise next? Likely more pressure on Israel. 

"There is still no document," says Bibi, "and the Americans are not succeeding in obtaining agreements between the sides."

Therefore the Prime Minister must stay strong. He must face the music and dance his way away from any deal that would impose a fatal pact on his nation.

Remembering Munich would be a good idea too -- starting right now!

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