Thursday, January 23, 2014


By Simon Fischler

Obama and Kerry have come to the end of the Peace tracks! There is no station waiting ahead. 

Last weak both the Palestinian leadership and foreign ministers from across the Arab world destroyed any chance of success for John Kerry’s “Peace Talks”.

The Palestinians very bluntly and arrogantly said they will never recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation state. So why are we even talking and why is Israel even contemplating recognizing a state for the Palestinian people? 

I find it interesting that John Kerry was so distraught by Israeli Defense minister Moshe Yalon’s blunt but honest analysis of the peace talks, but had little to say when the Palestinians out-right spit on his proposals for peace.

The recognition of what Israel truly is is a demand of the citizens of Israel, not just the government they have elected. 

Once again the Palestinians (just another name for Arabs) have shown that creating a state is not the most important issue for them. For them the destruction of Israel and Jewish self-determination is first and foremost.

Of course they must recognize Israel as the Jewish State, it is demanded by the United Nations. Two states for two people. One Arab and one Jewish. This is made very, very clear in all United Nations Resolutions.

If this American administration is a true ally it will back Israel to the end, demand Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish State and explain there is never going to be a “right of return; because it is not legal!  

Otherwise there is no Peace, period!

If this Palestinian leadership is not strong enough, or willing enough to tell the Palestinian nation there won’t be a right of return, then there is no point in discussing PEACE either.

We Israelis have had enough of Arab rhetoric!

In response to the idiotic comments by European Union Foreign Minister  Lars Faaborg-Anderson who automatically said failure of the peace talks would be squarely put on Israel because of the continued building in Settlements. You are an idiot! 

Oh, really, you're not one sided at all are you?  

Israel has already ripped up settlements, evacuated more than TEN THOUSAND ISRAELIS FROM THEIR homes in Gaza, people who lived there for forty years. 

In return Israel received more than eight thousand rockets and a rain check on the Peace from Arabs of Gaza!

I did not see much European Union complaining then, the Euro’s kept on flowing into the Arab bank accounts! 

I guess to Lars the rocket fire of these last two weeks has nothing to do with the peace talks either and shouldn’t cause Israel any consternation.

Hey Lars, Israel evacuated the settlements in the Sinai Peninsula too, so do me a favor the settlements are not the problem! 

There has been no condemnation from the EU or the USA against the organizations who are behind the delegitimization movements of Israel. 

What John Kerry, the American government and the European Union must grasp is there will never, ever be peace until the Arabs or forced to take responsibility for their criminal actions against Israel and the Jewish Nation. 

We do not need any more phony peace deal’s, so I say John Kerry take your PEACE of crap back to the United States and leave us alone! 

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  1. Many lobby for 2 States for 2 People, BUT what they omit is that both shall be open and welcoming to the citizens of each to live in secure and safe freedom within their borders. I.E.NO MORE denial of Christians and Jews living in Muslim Lands.