Friday, January 24, 2014


By Simon Fischler

The BDS movement must be desperate, they keep digging out skeletons from their closet in hopes of attacking Israel. 

This time they brought Angela Davis back from the dead to attack Israel! 

Seriously Angela, shouldn’t you be sipping Pina coladas with Raul Castro, planning the Socialist revolution that will shine light upon us idiots in the real world? 

I love it how you fought for the freedoms of African Americans during the Sixties but you seem to think the Jewish people, who are the indigenous people of Israel, don't deserve self-determination! 

What a fraud you are Angela and what an anti-Semite you are too! 

The sole intention of the delegitimization of Israel and the BDS movement is the denial of a nation, a people and their culture, even if the Jewish Nation is one of the oldest in the world! 

Angela, how much oil money are they giving you through the UC Santa Cruz programs? Extra cash does make funding research or writing books about your exploits in sixties a whole lot easier doesn’t it? 

The Pro-Arab ideology you promote has its roots in Nazi fascism and is nothing more than the rape of the Jewish Nation, yet again. But as a communist I am sure you would love that! 

Today’s colonialist empires -- the Arab/Muslim front, Iran, EU and UN -- like their predecessors, the Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Arab/Muslims and Crusaders -- seek to weaken Israel and destroy her.

Angela Davis, like your masters, you will do anything to make Israel look bad, lie and innuendo is no big deal for you!

What is so sad about you Angela Davis is in pushing the anti-Semitic, Arab ideology you have made a deal with the devil! Angela the same racist, colonist, invaders and slavers, the Arabs;  who colonized Africa, raped its people, destroyed their cultures and sold them to White European are the same people who you are in bed with!

That is just wrong! 

Those who make the mistaken claim that Zionism (Jewish self-determination in our land) is a new concept born out of the 19th and early 20th centuries are dead wrong. 

We Jews have been saying “Next year in Jerusalem” since long before the birth of Mohammad. Long before the 20th. century invention of the Palestinian people! 

It makes no difference how they come: anarchists, left wingers, right wingers, conservatives and liberals; those who stand against Israel are nothing more than anti-semites.

These days are indeed dark, but our nation has faced dark times at many points in her history. 

The Jewish Nation has faced these times before and we are still here in our homeland. 

So to the BDS, we the Jewish Nation will remain here in Israel, so you might as well send Angela back to Cuba!