Thursday, January 2, 2014


By Sig Demling

After screwing Israel at every turn since Barack Obama became president, his Deputy In Charge Of Jew-Hating once again is visiting Israel with poison in his plan.

America's secretary of state has been anti-Israel ever since his unsuccessful run for president. 

Like his boss, who betrayed Israel in Cairo by asserting that Israel return to the 1967 lines, Kerry is bring a master plan that's guaranteed to undermine the Jewish State.

One way or another his plan should be rejected out of hand because the Democrat administration insists that Israel should be thrust into a vulnerable position all because the Arabs have been trying to destroy the Jews for centuries.

Why should Bibi reject the American plan? The reasons are manifold:

* The plan ignores Hamas in Gaza, a much more meaningful threat to Israel than the Palestinian Authority.

* The plan does nothing whatsoever to curb Iran's move toward nuclear war.

* The plan pretends that there is no such terrorist organization in Lebanon. Hezbollah can't wait to unleash another rocket barrage against the North.

* The plan appears never to have considered the Assad bloodbath; and its ramifications with Israel.

And that's only for starters.

It's evident that Mahmoud Abbas has connived concession after concession from Israel's Prime Minister. Meanwhile, Bibi has received only one thing in return -- big-time tsouris. 

Naftali Bennett, who clearly has better radar into the Arab mind, already has made it abundantly clear that if Netanyahu capitulates to Kerry that he'll pull out of Bibi's coalition.

Giving up the Jordan Valley should  be a major NO-NO for Israel. Virtually every military man with any credentials understands that Israel and only Israel should guard this vulnerable tract of land is the Middle East's only democrtacy is going to exist.

Let's face it, Israel's negotiators have gone too far overboard to court the pleasure of Obama-Kerry.

All Bibi has received in return is a series of kicks in the ass that, by now, should have wised up the boss.

No, it's not too late for the Prime Minister to once and for all say NO to the double-crossing White House.

For the sake of Israel this is the only route for Netanyahu to take. 

Otherwise, Kerry is going to stuff a poison plan down Bibi's throat that will choke his country out of existence.

The equation is simple; 1. Piss off Washington, or, 2. Fatally endanger the State of Israel.

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  1. John Kerry has never been a friend of Israel......IMO he has never been a politician to trust. He and a Barak Obama are in an unholy alliance - working to bring about Israel's downfall.