Friday, January 3, 2014


By Simon Fischler 


The Arabs have started every conflict with Israel, after losing these battles, they then proceed to cry VICTIM!

Europe and America have poured billions of dollars into the Palestinian Authority, tax monies straight out of  American and European pockets! 

The question is where did all that money go? 

It obviously couldn’t have been used for building what would become a Palestinian state,  since there are still refugee camps in Gaza with open sewers! 

Instead it was put into the pockets and Swiss bank accounts of the “peacemaker” Arafat, or used to buy weapons that were eventually turned on Israeli soldiers after Palestinians rejected peace and statehood.

By 2002, Palestinian corruption had reached so egregious a state that the Americans and Europeans finally intervened, insisting that Salam Fayyad (someone they knew could be trusted to place the money where it belonged) become the PA’s finance minister. 

Of course the Palestinians blamed Israel and the occupation for their financial woes. 

More victimhood! 


What about the complete Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza strip? 

After the occupation of Gaza was ended did it bring peace with the Arabs of Gaza?

With more than ten thousand rockets being shot into Israel from the Gaza Strip it is fair to say that the alleged “occupation” was not and is not the cause of Palestinian hatred for Jews and Israel! 

Yet it originally had been -- logically -- hoped that the Palestinians soon would embrace this newfound freedom and convert it to their peaceful advantage.

Is there not a cultural problem when a people is given its freedom, but then they proceed to forsake peace, quiet and prosperity for war and death?  

Instead of building schools and places of business, the first thing the Palestinians did was shell the Negev town of Sederot with Qassam rockets.

Israel turned the other cheek, but the rocketry multiplied.

Eventually Israel tired of broken promises to stop the aerial assaults and hit back forcefully -- simply the natural thing for any self-respecting nation to do.

The PA, Hamas and the average Palestinian blamed Israel for the Arab deaths that occurred during the Israeli response.

Besides attempting to kill Israeli citizens Hamas has been making every effort to get the EU, UN and others to support its government. 


In contrast Khaled Mashal, the leader of Hamas, insists that Hamas will never recognize Israel. 

This is not just curious, it is sick and ironic: every Israeli government since that of the late Yitzhak Rabin has respected and acknowledged Palestinian rights and RECOGNITION.

Even the Likud, the Israeli political party that CNN, The New York Times and the BBC love to call the ‘far right,” has recognized that the Palestinians must achieve statehood to reconcile this conflict and achieve peace. 

What is sad about Palestinian Nationalism or Palestinian Victimism is its inability to overcome its racist and anti-Semitic foundations. 

They simply do not want to except that they will not defeat the Jewish Nation of Israel. 

Israel has fought hard to develop a thriving country, a garden of eden, in the middle of the hellish fires burning in Syria, Egypt, Libya and so on! 

Israel sports an economy that withstood Arafat’s war, the 2006 war with Hezbollah and the Cast Lead operation in the Gaza Strip. 

Israel’s unemployment is lower than that of the United States of America. 

The Tel Aviv stock exchange has done nothing but become stronger over the last decade-and-a-half. 

Israel has a world-acclaimed Universal Health system -- something most Americans would love to have -- along with medical centers on a par with America’s best. 

Israeli technology is at the cutting edge and places such as the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot and the Technion in Haifa are renowned for their contributions to the world of science. 

The IDF is as strong as ever. Furthermore, it is taking the lessons of its last conflicts with Hezbollah and Hamas and incorporating them in future battle plans.

Although there were 1000-plus Israeli civilian casualties during Arafat’s war, Israeli society proved its resilience and healthy survival instincts. 

This point is most cogent in evaluating Jewish-Arab relations in the Middle East: Israelis will never sign off on their freedom or their nation:

No matter how many leftists may call Israel fascist, Colonialist or an apartheid state. 

No matter how many Carters, Chomskys or Finkelsteins commit to the Palestinian side (verbally, at any rate), Israelis will always fight for their country.

And no matter how much the Palestinians attempt to whine their way to statehood, it will not happen until they assume the responsibility that Israel did in 1948.

Israelis know they have every right to live in their country, which they built. 

Come to Tel Aviv  and Jerusalem and look upon them with your own eyes, then go look at Ramallah, Cairo, Damascus or Beirut!

When you do this you will see where Palestinian/Arab victimism has gotten them!   

Hopefully, the Palestinians and the Arabs will one day face up to this harsh reality, although if history is any indication, there is little likelihood of this.

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