Wednesday, January 8, 2014


By Simon Fischler 
When the talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority fail, it will be Europe's fault.  
After decades of Israeli and American warnings the EU has finally been forced to acknowledge that the Billions upon Billions of Euros they have given to the Palestinian Authority have not been used to build the institutions of peace and recognition. 
Instead all those Euros went into the institutions of hate and have funded the education of hate and Arab domination.
It is a crime that the European Union has been funding weapons that are used against Israeli citizens and it is a crime that EU's Euros have been funding schoolbooks that teach Arab children to hate Israel and to deny the rights of the Jewish Nation.  
The European Union, because of its diplomatic weakness, has never had the courage to tell the Arabs that Europe stands with Israel and recognizes the Jewish Nation’s right to self-determination in the land of Israel. 
Nor has the EU ever been willing or courageous enough to tell the Arabs that Europe will never allow the diplomatic dream of Arab supremacists (the Arab moderates are no different in there repulsive incitement against Israel then Hamas or Islamic Jihad) to come true -- the destruction of Israel.   
So the finger should be pointed at Europe not Israel for the failed peace talks. 
The simple truth is that Europe, like the rest of the world, is  -- and has always been -- anti-Semitic. 
The Jewish homes and communities that are called an occupation or even the accusations of being an apartheid state are merely used as justifications for venting latent, simmering anti-Semitism.  
No other nation in this world has stayed together ethnically and culturally like Israel and the Jews. 
The nation Israel has accomplished this from antiquity in the face of constant attempts by world powers to destroy her.
Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Arabia, Islam, European Crusaders all have attempted to erase and/or disperse the history and nation of Israel from the world map.  
Yet, Israel remains ... and will. 
There is only one thing the Jewish Nation can do if it wants to continue, to survive: not negotiate, but fight our enemies with vengeance. 
It is time to tell world powers that since they have attempted to destroy the Jewish Nation since antiquity, she is prepared to use all means necessary to protect the nation state. 
We must have leaders ready to step up to the United Nations podium and toss diplomacy into the wind. We need these leaders to be ready to pay the diplomatic price of 
The European Union has no right tell Israel it must appease Arabs who intend on committing the same atrocities that the Nazi Europeans carried out against the Jewish Nation. 
Our new diplomats need to tell the French and Spanish that they, too, have nothing to say to us if we decide to build homes for Jews in Jerusalem; especially not while the Basques are still occupied and fighting for their freedom!  
Israel must also open up the target bank! What does this mean? 
Simply it means that if someone is actively fighting against Israel, whether as terrorists or as activists attempting to delegitimize Israel, it is open season on them! 
When it comes to the International Solidarity Movement and the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement, they need to be taken out immediately and Roger Waters should be swimming with the fishes! Greta Berlin should have a rendezvous with Hitler in his Berlin bunker! 
The external, European anti-semites are more dangerous than Hamas and Hezbollah. They need to learn fear; they need to know that if they attempt to hurt the Jewish Nation they will pay for it. 
These activists need to be hunted down as actively and as adamantly as those of Hamas and Hezbollah. An Ultimatum needs to be made to the anti-Semitic world, and what should the ultimatum of Israel be?  
“We will no longer play by the rules we once employed. If you stand against Israel, WE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AS WE DID IN THE SIXTIES AND SEVENTIES!!”

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