Friday, January 3, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Dear John,

I hope it is ok that I'm calling you John, i feel like I know you so well, after all you are using American tax, dollars to fly over to Israel every week. 

I wanted to invite you over to my house for a little tete-a-tete, coffee is free, the tax payers wont have to pay for it. 

You see, I am so very interested in learning from you John, just how we Israelis are missing out on “THE NEXT BIG THING”, that is peace with the Arab supremacists who are trying to kill us. 

Once upon a time, you John Kerry, did all you could to convince the Israeli leadership to abandon Sovereign, Israeli land on the Golan Heights. 

You waxed eloquently about how great a guy Ol’Bashy Assad was; now with the blood of over 200,000 Syrians and the use of chemical weapons on his hands we Israelis can say thank G-d we didn’t listen to you John! 

So come on up to my humble abode here on the Golan Heights in Israel, we can kick back, have a beer and listen to the Syrian artillery explode a mere Kilometer and half away. 

While talking I want you to explain how you expect me to make peace with Nazi’s! Mahmoud Abbas himself just recently said the Haj Amin al-Hussieni was a great leader and figure head for the Palestinian people.

This is nothing new. You are no dummy right, so you must know that Palestinian nationalism was created by fascists with the help of the Nazi party. 

You have seen the school books produced by the Palestinian Authority, the supposed moderates that teach nothing less than an Arab, Supremacists culture; bent on destroying Jewish self-determination in Israel.

I can’t wait for you to explain why incessant Palestinian incitement against Israel and the Jewish Nation is nothing! I also can’t wait for you to explain America’s inability to coral the EU and make it less anti-Israel. 

More than anything I can’t wait to tell you that your threats against Israel, remember, “Do you want another intifada?” don’t scare me one bit! I’d rather have an intifada than another Oslo. 

More than that, maybe, just maybe we will finally live up to what all the nasty, lying, anti-Israel haters are saying about us! Maybe it is time to give them what the want! 

Maybe John Kerry, if there is another intifada Israel will behave a little more like are friends just over the border in Syria, ya know, a little ethnic cleansing! Just like what Mahmoud Abbas wants with his bullshit Right of Return. 

Well, anyway I look forward to seeing you soon.


Simon Fischler  

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