Monday, January 6, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

                                               Against stupidity the very gods 

Themselves contend in vain.  -- Philosopher Friedrich von Schiller

On a scale of one to ten it's difficult to determine precisely how obtuse John Kerry is in his pursuit of an Arab-Israeli peace pact.

Or, maybe the Secretary of State is not so stupid after all.

Perhaps he truly believes that he can shove an indigestible concept down Benjamin Netanyahu's throat.

 Barack Obama's marionette is quite willing to concentrate his energy on Israel's Prime Minister because Kerry believes that his incessant pounding away at Israel's political defenders such as Bibi eventually will wear them down to a compromise agreement that, in the end, would compromise Israel's safety and well being.

It's entirely possible that Kerry's con job will work despite being as one-sided as it has been in favoring Mahmoud Abbas' endless demands.

Speaking of which, can you think of one -- just one -- concession the Abbas Gang has made since Bibi agreed to release about ten tons worth of Arab prisoners with blood on their hands?

Of course you cannot because there has been absolutely no movement -- nil -- from the so-called Palestinian Authority which, coincidentally, has absolutely no authority whatsoever over Gaza. (But I'll get to the ludicrous Hamas situation in a moment.)

Why does Kerry avoid noting that 100 percent of the incitement against the peace talk "partners" comes via Ramallah? 

How come the White House totally ignores the irrefutable fact that Abbas, Inc. supports inspires and condones the incitement that breeds terrorist attacks against the Jewish State? 

I like the comment made by Emily Amrousi in Israel Hayom about the imbalance between Arab hate-mongoring and Israel peace-seeking.

"Kerry is forcing the nation that dwells in Zion," says Amrousi, "to serve as surrogate mother to a creature whose entire essence is to destroy its own parent. It will sprout a dagger even as it is still inside the womb. What mother on earth would consent to carry a fetus like that?"

But Kerry carries on endlessly talking optimistically as if a peace pact is just around the corner; as if Syria is as calm as Switzerland; as if Hezbollah is replacing rockets with raisins; as if Iran is converting its nuclear plants into lollypop factories. 

"Kerry is revolving in a vicious circle."

Now guess who uttered those deathless words?

None other than a senior Palestinian official, Azzam al-Ahmed. "If he continues proposing to the Palestinian side what he's proposing, he won't achieve anything," the Arab spokesman goes on.

Well, one thing that's being proposed by Bibi is that Israel be recognized for what it is; the Jewish State. But since that tops the PA No-No list what's the point of talks going on anymore; that's what I want to know.

As Uncle Sam becomes weaker and weaker -- more and more willing to appease militant Islam -- in the Middle East, why in the world would Bibi concede to Kerry's wish; to allow a joint American-Jordanian force to patrol the Jordan Valley?

Israel's Prime Minister would have to be a nut case to do that, especially after American forces have feebly withdrawn from Iraq and have done absolutely nothing about Syria. 

The Americans surely would be intimidated out of the Valley in no time at all by a joint Hezbollah-Hamas force just as the U.S. Marines once ran with tails between their legs out of Lebanon. As for the Jordanians patrolling the Valley? 

With all deference to King Abdullah, his army would wind up supporting the anti-Israeli force faster than you can spell A-r-a-b.

But, then again, Kerry just might succeed is getting that distasteful treaty into Bibi's esophagus because Israel's leader has become weakened just as Arik Sharon was when he chose to turn Gaza over to the Arabs. And we sure know what kind of peaceful citizens Hamas turned out to be, didn't we?

Perhaps Emily Amrousi is on target when she vehemently charges that the endless prisoner releases are a sign of a weakening Netanyahu and an enfeebled Israel.

"The release of murderers," she concludes, "is not the problem of several dozen (Israeli) families, but the problem of a nation whose honor is lower than a doormat."

My response is that there's still time for Bibi to take a firm stand against the White House and its Israeli-haters.

Netanyahu should contend against -- not bend, nor break -- in the face of Kerry's stupidity!

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