Monday, March 29, 2010


President Barak Hussein Obama is a very, very smart man.

He is so smart that he and his administration might be on the verge of intentionally rupturing the bond that has kept the United States of America and Israel together as two of the strongest allies this world has ever seen.

The “Hussein” in between Barak and Obama has become larger than ever and it has become clear where his feelings lie … and it isn’t with Israel.

I believe President Obama and quisling Ram Emanuel are doing this by intentionally making it very difficult to be both a strong supporter of America and a strong supporter of Israel. They want Pro-Israel people to question whether they can support Israel without having their loyalty and love of America brought into question.

By carrying out this policy the Obama administration could negate much of Israel’s American support.

Take a good look at how this administration manifests its middle-eastern policy. I cannot remember an administration that has been so anti-Israel and so pro-Arab. It behaves in a way that pushes both supporters of Israel and her enemies to question whether America might simply abandon Israel.

It started with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, when she informed her Israeli counterparts that the WRITTEN agreement between President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon -- concerning the major settlements being incorporated into Israel and “no” to the Palestinian Right of Return -- was not going to be valid under the new administration. This was a complete betrayal of trust and the word of the United States of America.

This anti-Israel policy change continued when President Barak HUSSEIN Obama made his official speech to the Muslim world in Cairo. This speech was so full of appeasement that it could only whet the appetites and excite the ambitions of extreme militant Islamists.

Then there was the demand -- the first ever by an American president -- to stop all settlement building before the start of peace negotiations. Not only does this run contrary to all other administrations, it also runs contrary to all previous agreements between America, Israel and the Palestinians.

There has also been the constant condemnation of Israel. The administration has ignored all concessions this supposedly hard-right Israeli government has given to create an atmosphere conducive to negotiations. These were concessions that the most pro-peace, dovish Israeli governments have never agreed to. Simultaneously, the Obama administration has completely ignored Arab and Palestinian hostility, provocative stance, and incitement towards Israel and Jewish religious sites.

Now we are witnessing the direct attempt by the President Barak Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to depose the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This Administration knows they can get away with this right now because of the confusion and fear that American Jews who support Israel must be feeling. Here is the man many were seduced into voting for and yet he has made a 180-degree turn, falling upon Israel like the proverbial wolf on a lamb. I feel this way. I was suckered into voting for Obama, as were many of my relatives and friends. Sadly, many of them still refuse to see what he is doing, and intends to do, to Israel.

More than ever I think the silence of Professor Alan Dershowitz is the best and scariest example of what is happening to American Jews who support Israel. Here is a man who went well out of his way to defend the vote for Obama. Here is a man who has had his life threatened many times because of his defense of Israel. Since this rupture between Israel and America there has been nothing in defense of Israel from the most valiant, honorable, truthful and respectable defender of her rights. That is very, very bad.

This is a warning that should be taken seriously: if President Barak Obama succeeds with his apparent agenda, it might become impossible to be American, Jewish and pro-Israel.

Remember this: the United States of America and Iran once had a relationship that nearly everyone believed was unbreakable.

With this Administration the same could be said about Israel.

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