Saturday, March 13, 2010

Peace Is In the Air

Ahh, yes, that time has come again, the time of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Is there any hope of reaching a compromise that would be beneficial to both sides of this conflict? Doubtful, as recent news basically describes it.

Here is what Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the Palestinian side had to say, "The relationship has deteriorated to this stage where the U.S. is trying to save this peace process with the last attempt - by the way, mark my words - this will be the last attempt in order to see if it can be a tool to make decisions between Palestinians and Israelis.”

Saeb is right: the situation on the Palestinian side has become borderline disastrous. Palestinian leadership from the PA to Hamas has destroyed almost all avenues and hopes for the Palestinian people to get the state that would be anywhere close to the one they want.

Saeb and his friends are wrong when it comes to their veiled threats. It is as apparent as always the Palestinian leaders have not learned from past mistakes.

There is very little that Saeb Erekat and the rest of his cronies can threaten Israel with. Does he actually believe that his ISM friends are going to stay around to continue protesting if the PA starts another low intensity war with Israel? Mark my word Saeb, your ISM friends will be on the first plane back to civilization the second it gets too hot in the kitchen.

Do the Palestinians actually think they can push Israel with attempts at international delegitimization, by sparking mini riots?

Eventually someone will get killed and war will break out again.

Arafat started the last war (this has been documented by his own people) thinking he would be able to coerce the Israeli public back to the negotiating table with violence on his terms. As we know this did not happen. No matter how much the world condemned Israel we stood fast and we will stand fast again if the Palestinians continue these attempts to riot Israel back to talks on Palestinian terms.

If the negotiations break down does Mr. Erekat really believe that the EU or the USA will come in and dismantle Israel for them? I think not.

It would be wise for the Palestinians to learn and learn quickly: we have a state, it is called Israel. The Palestinians do not have a state. We do not need Mr. Erekat’s or Mahmmoud Abas’ approval for our country. Our country is here, functioning and thriving in a hostile area. Sure, we want peace and most of us are ready to compromise for peace. If the Palestinians do what they have always done and demand that we destroy our own nation, then forget it.

If there is no agreement, fine; we can continue living in our state. It is the Palestinians who will truly lose again. Sure, the Palestinians can unilaterally declare statehood. Be my guest; Israel will then annex all the land she controls in Judea and Samaria (i.e., The West Bank).

When this happens we will just shut the door on the Palestinians and focus all of our attention on continuing the dream of Zionism.

You see, Mr. Erekat needs to realize something. His people have been given an opportunity many other nations have never gotten and probably never will get. The chance to build their own state. As I have written before there are numerous other nations who also dream of statehood. Tibet, Kurdistan and the Basques are just a few examples of nations who do not have a partner who is actually willing to sit down and recognize their right of self-determination.

If the Palestinians fail to compromise this time the Israeli public will demand an end to pointless negotiations that just waste our time and money. Israel does not need to waste any more time on negotiations that lead nowhere. We have plenty of national projects, from education to infrastructure, to occupy our time and money.

This is not a threat, Saeb Erekat; this is your reality. Make the right decision this time. Stop your pathetic threats before negotiations have already started and realize another mistake could lead to the end of Palestinian hopes and dreams.

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