Monday, March 15, 2010

Punch for Punch, Part 2

Day by day the Obama administration is attacking the Netanyahu government about the East Jerusalem Housing incident during Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel.

Yesterday Presidential advisor David Axelrod went so far as to say that it was a calculated attempt by the Israeli government to destroy a renewal of Peace Negotiations, adding that it was an insult and an affront.

Mr. Axelrod’s remarks can be added to the growing pile of daily insults that both America and the Palestinians are slinging in Israel’s direction.

The PA has been sponsoring -- on an almost daily basis – mini-riots in Jerusalem. Also on a daily basis the Palestinians have been trying to inflame religious tensions on the ground; from encouraging the throwing of rocks down on Jews Praying at the Western Wall, to lying about Israeli attempts to destroy the Al Aksa mosque. The PA is behind all of it.

The American government has not said a word about these daily provocations against Israel. These insults to Israel and her citizens do not seem to bother the Obama administration. It has become clear that the Palestinians can get away with murder and Obama, Biden and Clinton will wink at them and walk on by. If Israel, on the other hand, decides to build houses in Jerusalem and the Palestinians cry Wolf, Israel has not just Insulted the Arabs she has also insulted the American government! This is complete craziness and if Obama thinks most Israelis will approve of this he is wrong.

Why wasn’t the American government insulted by Mahamoud Abas’ complete and total rebuff to the American/Israel 10-month settlement freeze; an unprecedented occurrence from an Israeli government? Why isn’t Joe Biden insulted by the fact that Palestinian Arab and American ISM activists were out rioting during his stay as they try to de-Judaize East Jerusalem?

Why aren’t President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemning the Palestinians for daily incitement against Israel? This daily Palestinian sponsored incitement against Israel on the ground here and in the international community has caused far more damage than any Housing Tenders and is the root cause of problems connected to the peace process right now.

Maybe if the Obama administration’s nose wasn’t so far up the rear end of the Arab world, they’d be able to see how disastrous their Near-East policy has been.

True, all the shlubs in Haaretz are condemning the Netanyahu government and it is probable the Obama administration reads that and thinks Israelis are ready to topple their government. They are wrong in that belief.

I am a member of Kadima, I voted for Tzipi Livini and I still think she is Israel’s best. On the other hand, I do not wish to see my government toppled for the wrong reasons. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has done an amazing job of skirting a negative American government, keeping labor in his coalition and shutting up the rightists after announcing the settlement freeze. Israel is very much behind him.

Realizing that the Obama administration’s true wish is the toppling of the Netanyahu Coalition, I find myself behind Bibi. There are others like me here, and this is an important fact that the Obama administration should realize, because I am pro-peace, pro-compromise and liberal.

On top of everything the US has done to demean Israel and the Jewish nation, which includes the Obama Cairo speech, the complete settlement freeze demand and ignoring Palestinian provocations, they now appear intent upon toppling the elected government of Israel!

I doesn't get much more insulting than that.

It is high time to look in the mirror, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton: you may lose an irreplaceable friend and ally if you continue this appeasement of the Arabs and hostility towards Israel and the Jews.

After all, remember how successful appeasement was for Britain against the Nazis.

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