Thursday, March 4, 2010

In Response to Salaman Masalha

Enough is enough.

I have just finished reading the article published in today’s Haaretz (3/3/2010), entitled “Israel’s Apartheid Doesn’t Stop at the West Bank” by Salman Masalha.

One must truly wonder if Israeli Arabs and their leaders truly want to be a part of the state of Israel.

This article and the fact that it was printed completely contradict Mr. Masalha diatribe against Israel. The article alone is proof that Mr. Masalha is doing all he can to deceive Israelis who read Haaretz! He knows that Israel’s free press will allow something as low and propagandist as his words to be printed. He also knows that Haaretz, once a great source of unbiased information, has become nothing more than a raging outlet for Israel-bashing. He knows his deceitful rhetoric will make it to the pages of the press and into someone’s home, taking advantage of the opposite of Apartheid, which is the democracy and the freedom of speech that exists in Israel.

In his article he openly admits that Israeli Arabs are free to live and go where they wish. What he then tries to do is deceive the reader with MIS-facts about appropriated land. What he is not telling you is that much of this land was bought by the Yishuv (Pre-State government) before the Israeli War of Independence. This land is not being appropriated. He also forgets to tell his reader about the 100 million shekels the government of Israel has passed for the betterment of the Israeli Arab sector.

Salaman Masalha continues his deceitful rhetoric by not acknowledging the undeniable fact that his people are the freest Arabs in both the Arab and Muslim world. This is not an arguable point.

Nowhere in the Arab/Muslim world would Mr. Masalha get away with writing something as fictitious, critical and condemning of his country. He would find himself six feet below the ground if he wrote this in an Arab-governed country.

He again admits that Israeli Arabs can vote, an admission that totally contradicts his use of the word Apartheid. What makes matters worse is his failure to recognize that Israeli Arabs don’t just have the right to vote, they have this right and can use it, unlike others who have lived in highly-touted democracies. A good example is African Americans of the South during Segregation. The African Americans had the right to vote, but white Southerners made sure they didn’t. Another good example would be any Arab nation where people threaten, abduct and kill their fellow Arabs to ensure they do not vote – and there have been several documented, recently!

Moreover Mr. Masalha neglects to mention Israel’s other minorities. He behaves like many in the Arab world, as if the whole universe circles only around his people. He wouldn’t mention the Druze to his readers, because he knows well enough that they feel one hundred percent Israeli. He knows the Druze love Israel and except it as both a democracy that is there for them as well as being a Jewish State.

I ask Salaman Masalha: Do you really want to be a part of Israel? If you do, then you know you can be a part of Israel. I also ask the Israeli Arabs of my nation, do you truly want to be a part of Israel? If you do, then stop trying to destroy her. Recognize you live in a democratic state, a true democratic state. It’s fine to offer constructive criticism, but I can’t think of a single nation in the world that allows its citizens to promote sedition. Your words, Mr. Masalha, border on sedition.

Israel might not be perfect and we must always work hard to unite both Jews and Arabs, but you must recognize our right to preserve what we have built here. If you cannot, then you do not wish to be part of this nation project. If you do not recognize our right to preserve the one Jewish nation, a democracy that represents all her people, then you have turned your back on reconciliation and peace between the two peoples.

I believe we can come together, but not until people like Salaman Masalha stop spreading lies and misinformation. Israel must always do all she can to provide for all her people, but all her people -- Israeli Arabs included -- must be willing to both accept her and do all they can to preserve her.

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