Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who Is Crying Now?

Turkey is crying foul!

The Turks are angry because the U.S. House of Representatives finally did the right thing and passed a non-binding measure calling Turkey’s atrocities to the Armenian people during World War One like it really was: genocide.

In WW1 the Turks never faced aggression from the Armenians; they wanted their land and were ready to go to great lengths to erase Armenian culture in order to accomplish their land grab. Much as China is doing today in Tibet, the Turks dislodged, raped and killed anywhere from 1 million to 1.5 million Armenian Christians.

What is sickening is Turkey’s ability to deny this blot on her history even now. She behaves as if this was all just a bad dream for the Armenians or perhaps a legend built to make Turkey look bad. It is not a legend: it was genocide and a horrible crime against humanity.

I can understand the anger of the Turks. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan could look pretty silly railing at Israel for defending herself against 8000 Hamas rockets, if the Turks owned up to killing 1 to 1.5 million Armenians just for being Armenian.

Sadly this skeleton has been kept in the mutual closets of the United States and Israel because of our attempts to maintain and protect our relationship with the Government of Turkey.

Now that Prime Minister Erodogan has diplomatically spit in the face of both America and Israel, the truth is finally being acknowledged.

For me, as an American and Israel citizen, it brings great shame to know both of my nations, that I love so much, have let Turkey get away with murder for so long.

What is most interesting though is the lack of support from European and U.S. activist groups. Where are the activists demanding acknowledgment of what has been done to the Armenians? Why no UN resolutions or UN teams searching for the truth of the genocide of the Armenian people? Why is there no “Armenian Genocide Week” where centers of higher learning across the world sit down and examine the fiendish atrocities carried out by the Turks?

None of this is happening or can happen because all of these supposed academics, students of higher learning, professors and radical liberals are too busy trying to destroy the only nation in this region that truly stands against the vile and sick atrocities the Muslim Turks dealt to innocent Christian Armenians.

Israel has long been the only home in the Middle East to those other peoples and religions who have suffered under the yoke of intolerant Islam.

One must remember that the Armenians demanded that Israel retain the Armenian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem along with the Jewish quarter. Why? Because they know how open and accepting Israel has been with them.

The Druze love Israel for several reasons, one of them being the religious freedom granted them by the state. Of course, there is also the Bahai faith which has long been persecuted in Syria, Lebanon, etc. They finally were forced to move their Center of faith to Israel -- now the Bahai gardens of Haifa.

President Barak Obama has promised to kill any bill that threatens the relationship of the United States of America and the Republic of Turkey. It is sad that an African American President is going to turn his back on recognizing the mass murder of 1 to 1.5 million people because the Turks don’t like it!

Rather, It is more than high time for both Israel and the United States to not only recognize this horrible point in history, but both nations – and others as well -- should demand compensation for those who suffered under the Turkish anvil.

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