Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu

Dear Prime Minister:

My name is Simon Fischler.

I am an American citizen and I am an Israeli citizen.

I also happen to be a card-carrying member of Kadima, while also being a Democrat when voting in the USA. In fact, I voted for Barak Obama.

I am writing this to you Prime Minister to say stay strong, do not back down in the face of the irresponsible, insulting and unfair behavior of this American administration.

You have done the right thing, Mr. Prime Minister, by standing up to this administration that appears drunk on the power that got them elected (but that has long disappeared).

Never before has an administration been so irresponsible in its behavior with an ally that has been so committed to America’s needs and well-being.

You, Prime Minister Netenyahu, must not back down to President Obama, V.P. Biden and Secretary of State Clinton. it is not a matter of national pride (or arrogance, as some have said); it is a matter of national survival.

This American administration has ignored the near-daily rioting in Jerusalem and the West Bank -- rioting sponsored by the Palestinian Authority. You are right, Prime Minster: if the Americans wish to ignore daily incitement against Israel, they have no right to be angry with us if we choose to build in Jerusalem, East or West.

This administration’s behavior is now borderline anti-Israel. Where is the condemnation against the Hamas- and PA-sponsored rioting sponsored in Jerusalem yesterday? Prime Minister Netenyahu, demand a condemnation from the Americans against the attempts of the PA to incite a religious war -- riots started because a synagogue was rebuilt in the Jewish Quarter of the old city!

Inform President Obama, V.P. Biden and Secretary of State Clinton that the PA is on the verge of losing control of the flames they themselves kindled in Jerusalem. Hamas is now raising its head in the West Bank again. Like Arafat, Abbas and his people have played a game of Russian Roulette and their bullet has just about come up. If Israel were to stop raiding Hamas in the West Bank, the PA, Mahmoud Abbas and Salayman Fayyed would fall faster than Newton’s apple. Tell that to this insulting administration.

I know you are in a most difficult position, staring down the barrels of America’s shot gun, with elements of your coalition government putting pressure on your back instead of covering it!

But take heart in the fact that the people of Israel will not stand for the degrading and insulting attempt of the American administration to topple the elected government of Israel, which their latest moves have made patently obvious.

Remember when talking to Obama and Clinton that Simon Fischler the American, Israeli, Kadima, Democrat is 100% behind you, and there are a lot more like me. Remember when trying to rein in your government’s more unruly elements, there are people like me here who will help cover your back rather stick a knife in it! Just ask us to help.

We have many, many times acceded to the wishes of the United States – from letting Saddam Hussein shoot rockets down upon us during the First Gulf War, to obediently NOT producing airplanes that were better than the Americans', nor selling them to countries the US didn’t want us to sell to.

We have paid a heavy price ourselves, time and again, not only to survive and thrive in a completely hostile environment, but to maintain this previously strong alliance with America – something that has never been made clear to the US citizenry and is apparently being forgotten by the current administration.

However, I have come to respect you, your position and the dilemma you face; I believe that we can once again survive and thrive.


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