Thursday, March 25, 2010

Et tu, Brute?

It is now one hundred percent official, the Obama White house is actively trying to bring down the elected government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That an American administration would go so far and so deep in its attempts to control the political landscape of one of its closest allies is scary.

For all Israelis and Israel, Left, Right and Center this is a dagger in the back.

It should also be made clear that the Obama administration has put Israel in great danger, both physically and diplomatically. By pandering to the Arab world, by constantly condemning Israel while ignoring Arab provocations they have given the Green light for hostile behavior towards Israel.

Just today the Saudis decided to open their mouths in condemning Israel for building in East Jerusalem. On daily basis Israel is being attacked and provoked by the Arab world and the American administration stands silent. Although Palestinian attempts to start another uprising have failed until now, it is only because of how well the Israeli police have dealt with the riotous and provocative behavior of the Palestinians.

On top of all of this, they have actively twisted that dagger in our back by making all past agreements between the state of Israel and the United States null and void; i.e. the agreements between Ariel Sharon and President George W. Bush on settlements and the Palestinian Right of Return. By reneging on these agreements, the Obama White House has shown that Israel should not believe in American promises.

What does this mean? Israel pulled out of Gaza, giving everything there up: lives, houses and dreams that had been in our hands longer than anyone else; for NOTHING. For a piece of paper that Hillary Rodham Clinton ripped up in our face.

For all the Anti-Semitic debate about how Israel controls the American government, it has become very clear who controls whom.

Not only is this administration trying to change Israel diplomatically, it is also changing the idea of negotiations. Never before were there preconditions for negotiations. It has always been the key to negotiations. If both sides, especially Israel, were to make their demands before even sitting down, then -- as we see today -- there would never have been negotiations.

I once thought that Obama and company were naive, now I am almost sure that they are actively working against Israel. Their betrayal of Israel is the easy way to placate the Arab and Muslim world.

How they could be so arrogant and destructive in handling their relationship with Israel can only be explained by this mind set. From Obama’s speech in Cairo to the administrations constant demands of Israel without placing demands on the Palestinians and the Arab world in general reeks of Anti-Israel sentiment.

Sadly the votes of American Jews were bought by phony words of friendship towards Israel.

This is a critical point for the relationship, not just of Israel and America, but Israel and American Jews. It must be considered that this administration could push the relationship that has been rock solid and benefited both countries so much to the point of breaking!

If that happens, what will it be like to avidly support Israel in America? Thoughts of McCarthyism pop into my head.

Let us all hope that I am wrong about this and that the Obama administration is not Anti-Israel; just severely naive and inept in their dealing with Middle-Eastern diplomacy. Let us also all hope that this administration wakes up and realizes that life without Israel might not be nearly as safe as life with Israel.

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