Friday, June 25, 2010



The government of Israel has granted an easing of her land blockade on the HAMAS (terrorist organization)-run Gaza Strip. This has won Bibi and Israel great praise from the Obama administration.

All of this has come about thanks to the duplicitous actions of fraudulent peace activists and the IHH (a Turkish Terror/”humanitarian” organization and their “Jihad Flotilla.)

The claims that Israeli commandoes committed atrocities on the Mavi Marmara are outright lies. But these claims, of course, are what pushed the ever-appeasing-to-the-Arab-world Obama administration to force Israel into this unwise move of easing the Gaza Blockade.

Can you think of a time in history when soldiers attempted to board a ship they knew possibly had hostile elements with paintball guns so as not to injure the passengers aboard? I can’t.

Why has the world been so quiet about the lynch these supposed Peace Activists performed on the Israeli commandoes aboard the Mavi Marmara? We now know that these fakes activists had connections to terror groups and were preparing (seen on video from the ship) to kill or capture these soldiers.

The Israeli soldiers ultimately used live fire to extricate themselves from a situation that had become deadly.

PAINTBALL GUNS! If that is not the ultimate in attempting to be humanitarian in a battle situation, then I don’t know what is!

World condemnation of Israel and her commandoes is not just scandalous, it is immoral.

The Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the death of the nine Islamic Terrorists a “Bloody Massacre”. This happens to be the same Prime Minister that sent warplanes to bomb Kurdish population centers in Iraq last week, killing twelve people.

Last time I checked, twelve was more than nine!

Has the world said a thing about these Turkish crimes against the Kurds? No way.
Then, a couple of days later, Erdogan slammed the EU for not adhering to supposed agreements with Turkey by deporting Kurds who are on Erdogan’s kill list!

Is the world demanding Turkey cease all military actions in the sovereign country of Iraq? No, don’t be silly. Is the world demanding that Turkey end its occupation of Kurdistan? Yeah, right.

Is anybody in the Western world taking public note of the recent anti-democratic actions by Erdogan in his own country, which include removing and/or imprisoning several more secular, anti-extremist generals, as well as stifling the secular, democratic court system? Hey, no way.

We really can’t expect the United Nations, the International Red Cross or, for that matter, any of these pseudo peace organizations to make demands of Turkey, or to take time to think of the Kurds, long oppressed by Istanbul.

No, for these organizations to actually look at the real criminals of this world, they would have to stop their avid attempts to delegitimize and destroy the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel. Wiping out the Jewish State is far too important for these great seekers of peace.

To go after the countries that have committed crimes against humanity-- like the Turks, who still refuse to acknowledge the genocide they committed by systematically murdering more than one million Armenians -- organizations like the UN would have to actually leave Israel alone.

Israel offered Peace and statehood to the Palestinians, which they refused. Yet somehow she is still responsible for the occupation? Laugh riot.

Israel is an occupier, but China is not? Tibet and the Tibetans aren’t important enough for the world to care about (maybe because Tibet doesn’t sit on the greatest oil reserves in the world)? Har, har-de-har, har.

This is all one, big horrendous joke.

As always the ones getting screwed are underdogs like Israel (yes, that’s right; Israel is STILL an underdog) and the Kurds; the ones doing the screwing are the same old colonialist powers of Europe and the Arab/Muslim world (yes, that’s right; the basic principles behind the spread of Islam throughout the Mediterranean and into Europe over a thousand years ago was not simply that of conversion, but one of occupation and colonization)

As the French delegitimizers love to say, “Plus ca change; plus c’est le meme chose.”

… which is not funny … at all.

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