Tuesday, June 22, 2010



In a logical world, it would be difficult to find a rational reason to help someone who is trying to kill you.

At the very least, you would try to disarm the assailant and hope that a police car is about two yards away.

But -- as we discover with our daily perusal of world news -- there's more logic in Alice In Wonderland than our esteemed journals which purvey news of the universe.

Try Gaza as Exhibits A through Z.

Ever since the brutal Hamas takeover from the corrupt, inept PLO, it has been apparent that If Hamas' leaders had their way, every Israeli would become a corpse faster than you can say Holocaust.

Hate generated by Hamas toward Israel is manifest in every facet of Palestinian life virtually every day.

Today, for example, I read that the hit song among the youth of Hamastan is "When We Die As Martyrs."

Today, for another example, I read that yet another form of psychological torture is being imposed on the forever-hidden Gilad Shalit.

Oh, you do remember him?

He is an Israeli soldier who was kidnapped by Hamas so long ago, it boggles the mind to remember when the travesty was completed.

Now had Shalit been an American GI, stationed on the American-Canadian border and he had been kidnapped by Canadians, how long do you think the American government would have permitted calm before declaring war on the Northern neighbor?

Answer: Faster than a Pentagon minute.

The troops would have marched on Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa until the soldier was released and a formal apology was delivered by the Canadian government.

Yesiree, there's a war on between Hamas-Gaza against Israel in every way, shape and form yet you might get the impression from Israel's reactions that Gaza is nothing more than a friendly neighbor.

Why, then, should Benjamin Netanyahu's government send food, cement and other goods to an avowed enemy?

In a sane world that would be declared national masochism; or just plain stupid.

Why should the Israelis do anything "humanitarian" for Gaza Arabs until Hamas first proves itself humanitarian by unconditionally releasing Shalit?

Over and over and over again, Hamas declares its intentions of wiping out Israel -- in print, on the airwaves, even in schools.

Considering that all-consuming enmity, why should the foe do anything but be belligerent in return?

Even when Bibi makes concessions, the concessions never are enough; not enough for Fatah, not enough for Obama and never enough for Hamas.

Always, the Arabs demand more -- and concede nothing in return.

Enough for Hamas would be the complete eradication of Israel. And that being the case what is the point of allowing truckload after truckload of supplies to be sent to the enemy.

Would the British have done that for the Nazis in World War II? Would the Americans have done that for the Japanese?

Of course not.

A war is declared to be won and if Hamas is so determined to wage this war by rocketry, by kidnapping or whatever evil means, what's the point of making concessions?

Why ease the blockade?

When will the Israeli leaders learn once and for all that being nice -- making concessions -- leads to another slap in the face and the demand for more concessions.

Or, to put it simply, when will Bibi & Co. once and for all wise up to this reality?


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  2. I enjoyed your article and agree that no other nation would exhibit the patience, tolerance, forgiveness, trust, risk and restraint--the list goes on--in the face of a deadly enemy bent on its destruction as Israel does.

    It's important to consider that no other nation would be criticised for defending itself against a deadly enemy like Israel has been, is and will be.

    In my opinion, the Gilad Shalit question is not a simple one considering his captors--Hamas.

    Would invading Gaza not put Gilad's life in danger?

    Even if Israel were not to place any significance on world opinion and the consequences of such an operation would the risk of losing Gilad not be a deterrant?

    What do you think?


    Dionysis Theodorou