Thursday, June 3, 2010


Turkey, the country that carried out the first genocide of the twentieth century (mass murdering more than ONE MILLION ARMENIANS) and is still occupying Kurdistan is condemning Israel? Isn’t that a Joke?

Again the United Nations has given her floor over to rabid anti-Israel, one sided, racist rhetoric with her immediate meetings concerning the flotilla. You would never see such fast UN foot work concerning the daily outrages that occur in the Arab, Muslim world. The UN can’t be taken seriously and Israel should quickly toss any UN force from South Lebanon.

Turkey, now allied with Iran and Syria, is no longer a friend to Israel or the West; no matter how much Thomas Friedman loves her, as he wrote Wednesday in his New York Times column. Sadly, what people like Friedman forever refuse to acknowledge is the Muslim world’s sincere and single-minded intent to wipe Israel off the map, then move on to the Christian world.

Tom omits the fact that Turkey was once Democratic and secular. That is no longer the case. PM Erdogan loves his friends in Syria and Iran so much that he is now basing the “New Turkey” on the political blueprint of Syria and Iran. It’s called tyrannical dictatorship, using the Jews, or today, Israel, as an excuse for the need of this dictatorship. Friedman also chooses to ignore the alarming actions Erdogan has taken against some of his secular generals and the Turkish judiciary system in recent weeks, clearly indicating that he is moving closer and closer to that dreaded militant Islamic position.  

On every front Israel and Israelis must cut ties with Turkey. No more flying to Turkish resorts just because they are willing to whore themselves to us for five minutes. No more $500 everything included deals. They clearly have become our enemy; that’s it!

Instead, Israel must work together with her allies in Congress to ensure the Armenian genocide is recognized by the US. Simultaneously, Israel should work with the US and Armenia to bring the Armenian genocide to the forefront of UN debate, until recognized by that body. Finally, Israel and her allies must work to have Turkey thrown out of NATO.

On the home front a whole new policy is needed.

If the Palestinian Authority maintains the policy of duplicity, saying they want peace while doing everything to deny, delegitimize and destroy Israel, then negotiations must be dropped. It is always the Palestinians that play the drama game; now it’s our turn. Let’s show President Obama and his cadre that we don’t need the negotiations; if he wants to achieve something, he’d better start whipping the Palestinians into shape.  

If the Turks send another flotilla to Gaza, we won’t just board it; we will board it preparing for a battle not just with handguns and paint balls. Israel will then cut all electricity to the Strip.

If the Turks or any of their Arab buddies decide to take it to the UN, Israel will cut off water to the Gaza Strip.

After this, if the whole concept of us not messing around has not sunk in, Israel will cut off all humanitarian supplies and aid to the Gaza strip.

Plain and simple: Israel should finally REALLY enforce the blockade it is not truly enforcing.


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