Friday, June 11, 2010


As always leave it up to the great Gideon to go all out in his continuing campaign against Israel and her supporters.

Who do you suppose Mr. Levy is really working for: HAMAS or the Palestinian Authority? It must be HAMAS, because Levy is way too radical for the PA.

This time Gideon Levy has set his skewed, biased and dishonest sights on philosopher Bernard-Henry Levy. Gideon Levy has done what he always does, attack full force anyone who is not willing to defame, delegitimize and lie to make Israel look bad.

The only difference this time is that Gideon is attacking a fellow Liberal -- partly by the age-old method of damning with faint praise, and partly by insulting Barnard-Henri, implying he has become old, a wuss, and has lost his moral compass, or he'd have been on the flotilla!

Gideon Levy calls Bernard-Henry Levy “disinformed,” as he INCORRECTLY puts it. Why?

Because Bernard-Henry Levy chooses to see Israel in her true light, as a democratic nation that has done all it can to reach peace with its intransigent neighbors. Bernard-Henri also chooses to recognize the world in its true light: determined to blame Israel for everything, no matter what she does.

Wow, coming from a lefty liberal, this must have driven Sir Gideon, the Crown Prince of Israel Bashing, through the roof.

Although I would love to say Gideon Levy also is “misinformed,” I know that he is not.

As always, Gideon blames the situation in Gaza on Israel and bashes Bernard-Henri Levi for actually placing the blame where it should be: with HAMAS.

A nation is responsible for the people they choose as their leaders, if it is done democratically. There was a vote in Gaza and they chose leaders who refused to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

This right to make choices in a democracy through voting, has obviously had Gideon Levy in a hissy fit since the Netanyahu government was formed. He is forever demeaning what he has called the “fascist” Israeli majority that, according to him, wants to do away with democracy and is happily snuggling up to a bunch of right-wing nut-cases!

But back to Gideon Levy and his Bureau of Misinformation: The Palestinian population of Gaza elected a group of terrorists whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel. That alone is a declaration of war. This group then proceeded to shell all of southern Israel. These choices, I REPEAT CHOICES, made by Gaza’s leadership came AFTER Israel uprooted her Jewish communities in Gaza that had been living there for decades.

This very important fact about national choices seems to have slipped Sir Gideon’s mind, or at least one must assume that from his attack on Bernard-Henri Levy. No matter how much Gideon Levy wants to distort the truth Israel is not “occupying” Gaza, and calling a blockade an occupation is dangerous and unfortunate. He admits, in passing, that Egypt is unfortunately also blockading Gaza, but somehow lays no real blame at Cairo's feet.

Would you say the US is “occupying”” the nation of Cuba because she has imposed a blockade of sorts over Fidel Castro’s domain for a half-century? Isn’t Turkey “occupying” half of Cyprus and (what should be the country of) Kurdistan in its north? The list of “democracies” that have or are imposing blockades, sanctions and or performing occupations of a sort make Israel look like a rank amateur. Unfortunately and always, like a heavily armed rank amateur that is being held to higher standards than anybody else on the planet.

Gideon Levy couldn't care less about the fact that HAMAS refuses to recognize internationally accepted agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. Sir Gideon doesn’t care that HAMAS refuses to recognize Israel. Israel is still clearly the bad guy.

Gideon Levy refers to the use of the Shekel as the monetary bill in Gaza as a sign that Israel is still an occupier. Is he for real? This type of nonsensical propaganda is a Gideon Levy trademark. Gideon Levy would rather blame Israel for the Palestinians inept governing policies throughout the OSLO period. Is it Israel’s fault that the Palestinians were to busy buying weapons to go to war, instead of building financial institutions? I think not Sir Gideon.

He would like to blame Israel for the Palestinians' total failure of nation building during the Oslo Years. He has apparently forgotten all the money given to the Palestinians by the US and EU to build things like national infrastructure and the foundations of State. All of this money went into the pockets of the Palestinian leadership. In Gideon’s book that is Israel’s fault too.

In Gideon Levy’s world the Union would have been wrong in its fight against the Confederacy during the American Civil War. To him it makes no difference how wrong the Confederates were, the Union set up a blockade, a major no-no in the GIDEON LEVY RULES OF WAR book.

What is perhaps most astounding of all is how snide and sanctimonious Gideon Levy can sound when he's attempting to destroy icons such as a philosopher with the stature and moral integrity of Bernard-Henri Levy.

Unfortunately, Gideon Levy smells slightly of a mendacity and specious self-righteousness, similar to the Taliban when they evilly blasted the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan into tragic oblivion.

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