Tuesday, June 8, 2010


News flash: Presidents of Iran and Syria, along with the Prime Minister of Turkey, are coming to the aid of the poor terrorists and their HAMAS government in Gaza. Helen Thomas will be captaining their Freedom “Jihad” boat to Gaza.

How does the world like it’s new coalition: The Coalition of the Oppressive? This coalition is made up of the All-stars of crimes against Humanity: IRAN, SYRIA and TURKEY.

This coalition is about to bring a big surprise to the world, but I'll pre-release it to you now. It’s called World War Three! Ready for it?

Gloating on his PR gem of sending Islamic fundamentalists disguised as peace activists to the shores of Israel, where they staged the con of the century, the Prime Minister of Turkey Recipe Tayyip Erdogan now wishes to come himself … with navy warships.

Along with Erdogan, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, and Bashar Assad, the President of Syria, have got it in their heads to get this war going as fast as possible. All three are even willing to stop oppressing their own people for two seconds, so they can get to Gaza as fast as possible. Hamas needs those rockets!

They’re no fools, these three wild and crazy guys. They know time is not on their side. Someday this world will wake and people will realize Israel has the right to protect her citizens, true? Then again, probably not; that’s way too much to ask for, isn’t it?

These defenders of oppression need to act now, while the skewed world sentiment is still with the killers of Neda Solton of Iran, twenty-five thousand people in the town of Hama, Syria, and one million Armenians.

Does the world fathom that if Turkish warships enter waters Israel is blockading, that will be an act of war? Just look at what that white knight JFK did with the Russians and the Cuban missile crisis. Does world sentiment apply differently to Israel because she is the Jewish State? Or, does Israel get to do the same to Gaza that JFK and America has done to Cuba?

The world must comprehend: if Iranian or Syrian warships enter the same waters currently being blockaded by Israel, there is no way war can be avoided.

Has this world truly gone back to future and is ready to generate yet another Holocaust? Or, will it wake up and realize that what these people want is as far from peace as it gets.

Does no one seem to grasp that all of these people calling for Israel’s destruction are calling for another Holocaust? Why do these anti-Israel haters seem to think that the Jews, who have lived in this area for thousands of years, whose genes literally have the imprint of Israel in them, do not deserve the right to be the masters of their own destiny? Are we inferior?

We seem to have done a pretty good job of building our state in the worst circumstances possible. Why in the world do these idiots think we are going to just give it up?

Don’t all the Ben Whites, Greta Berlins and their brethren know that Israel has never given up? Not against the Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks and Romans. In all cases these world powers tried to do what the radical left, radical right, anarchists and Arabs are trying to do to Israel today: erase us. In all cases they have failed. Doesn’t anyone read history anymore?

They must understand that if they want to remove Israel the only way of doing it is to commit another Holocaust. The alternative is blindingly simple: If any of these people really wanted peace or safety for the people of Gaza, they would demand that Hamas strip from its charter the destruction of Israel.

If Greta Berlin really wanted to help the people of Gaza and fight for peace, she would demand that Hamas abide by the agreements signed by the Palestinian Authority and the PLO during the Oslo Agreements.

Better yet, if the UN or the EU or even the United States was actually serious about peace they would have told PM Erdogan to shut his bigoted, anti-Semitic mouth and stop lambasting Israel for defending herself?

Shouldn’t they remind Erdogan it is a bit odd that Turkey, the country that mass-murdered one million Armenians, should not be lecturing Israel on massacres? Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black!”

By the way, what is the total amount of deaths needed today to define a massacre? One, is that enough?

If something is not done soon about all of this slavering and posturing against Israel, she will yet again have to show the world that she’s just not up for committing suicide. This time, however, it will truly affect the whole world in ways that these idiotic Jew-hating sycophants do not understand.



  1. im impressed,you took my words.

  2. I think you are being too lay back and subtle. The base of most of Western Civilization and Culture (what little there is of it) it to hate the people who gave them the basics of their culture. Why? Because by Jews refusing to follow their "Messiah" it threatens the basic belief of their religion and they can't deal with that.