Thursday, June 17, 2010


A Lebanese “flotilla” may be on its way, ostensibly to “test” Israel’s blockade of Gaza. An Iranian “flotilla” (purportedly with military ships to “protect” the flotilla) may be underway to do the same.

No one has publicly stated that this is a declaration of war against Israel. In fact, the rest of the world has hardly made note of what is happening. But Israel and her citizens know what is transpiring and are preparing for war.

Which war will this be – the fifth, sixth or seventh?

We Israelis have shown time and time again that we want to make peace with the Palestinians and our neighboring countries. Apparently they just do not feel the same way.

Our Arab neighbors are jealous and I understand why. We have thrived here in Israel without oil – unheard of here in the Middle East. Only with our hard work, ingenuity and inventiveness have we been able to succeed.

We have fought off continual threats from hostile Arab countries and entities since the creation of our nation. Yet, in this mess we have managed to build a democracy as, if not more, democratic than any other in the Western World.

We have given our Arab minority equal rights, even as their brethren in neighboring countries have tried time and time again to destroy us. We have protected our Israeli Arab minority while their Knesset Members run about the world delegitimizing their own state.

This, of course, is far more than what America did for her Japanese citizens during World War Two. It is also more than what America has done to the Native Americans who still live on reservations. (Gee, isn’t that Apartheid?)

On the other hand, our Arab neighbors still live in the dark ages. They have no freedom of speech, no justice for the citizens of their countries and without oil they would have been sent back to the deserts from which they came.

Yet they obviously believe that they have achieved the diplomatic power to destroy us; that their campaign to delegitimize Israel has turned the tide of world favor to their side.

Iran, Syrian, Hezbollah, Hamas and now Turkey seek to destroy the Jewish State. Iran, following in the footsteps of the Turkish “Jihad Flotilla,” is sending two ships in an attempt to break the Gaza blockade. Hezbollah is also planning the same hostile action from Lebanon.

This is a Casus Belli for Israel and both countries know it. The world knows this too. If the international community sits by and does nothing to prevent these ships from leaving their ports, then the world will be as responsible as anyone, for the outcome of these hostilities towards Israel.

This time I believe Israel will finish what she should have finished long ago.

We need not worry about what the world has to say. The international community has proven time and time again that no matter how often we try to play by their alleged rules of international engagement, it will be twisted into some sort of inhumane savagery.

We Israelis are angry now. The world calls us murderers when our soldiers are lynched doing their best not to kill Islamic terrorists pretending to be peace activists.

This is sick and we are sick of it. We are so frustrated with the biased attacks upon our nation that maybe we will finally live up to some of the names we’re already being called. That will be very bad for the Arab world.

We are not going to be victims, nor are we victims, even though we clearly live in a sick, twisted and anti-Semitic world. We are not victims because we will fight and win again.

This time around it will be different: we will burn Damascus; we will burn Teheran; we will burn Beirut. If Turkey would like a taste of our pain, we will burn Istanbul too.

We will not lose, we will not disappear and THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL WILL LIVE.


  1. We have nothing to loose!

  2. Great stuff keep up the good work.

  3. I am a faithful backer of Israel and the Jewish people, and pray continually for them. Why must you attack America as being apartheid. That is when you lost me!