Monday, January 17, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Benjamin Netanyahu is no more like Yitzhak Shamir nor Ariel Sharon any more than Harry Truman was another Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson.

Every nation's leader follows his own modus operandi for better or for worse. In a sense he is no different than a sporting coach who explains his moves by asserting, "I acted on a gut feeling."

In Bibi's case we judge him by the manner in which he reacts to critical situations. For example, he showed considerable fortitude by rejecting an Obama-Clinton pincer movement -- alias bribe -- that would have had the Prime Minister agreeing to another (useless) construction moratorium.

The White House bribe was yet another appeasing move designed to lure Mahmoud Abbas & Company to a negotiating table it abhors no less than the Bubonic Plague.

Pressured left and sideways, Netanyahu said nix to that, leaving Abbas whining about a broken peace process of which he knows never will happen as long as he lives. Meanwhile the imperial White House was stunned to the very core simply because it lives by the political bribe; only this time it boomeranged all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

If anything, Bibi's behavior then and since demonstrates that -- as opposed to not getting it -- he gets it!

He looks North at Lebanon and views a nation about as together as Humpty-Dumpty one second after his great fall.

He gazes South to Gaza where ruling Hamas leaders warn their Islamic Jihad buddies to cut out the mortar firing at Israel. In turn Islamic Jihad honors the request about a half-day and then resumes the firing.

The Prime Minister then turns on his television set where video of a Tunisian revolution suggests a chaotic government as out-of-control as a crazed merry-go-round.

There's a conclusion out there that's about as obvious as the January on your calendar; a peace pact involving Israel and any Arab nation -- with the possible exception of Egypt and Jordan -- would have the durability of cotton candy.

Bibi knows that the Arabs (Palestinians) ruling the West Bank (Abbas) constitute a cardboard government propped up by Uncle Sam and his State Department.

Nobody has to tell Netanyahu that Hamas will make nice with Israel the year after Hell freezes over and the same goes for Nasrallah and his gang of iran-sponsored assassins. Thus, the Prime Minister -- in the understatement of the half-century -- opines:

"We don't know if a peace agreement would be respected and so any peace deal would have to include on-the-ground security arrangements."

Those "on-the-ground security arrangements" already have proven their worth.

Despite maniacal protests by those determined to torpedo The Good Ship Israel, the Security Fence has proven its worth over and over again. The Israel Defense Forces policing of the West Bank has been of inestimable value in curbing terrorists.

Well, you get it -- and so does Bibi.

If a Tunisian dictatorship can be overthrown, who knows, maybe the same can happen in Tehran.

In the meantime, we await Obama's move toward stabilizing Lebanon which has been a staging area for the Syrian terrorists for more than a decade.

So, what does the Imperial President do?

Instead of once and for all slapping down Assad, the White House decides that more appeasement is in order. Hence the American Commander-In-Appease dispatches an ambassador which must have Assad enjoying a hearty, sardonic chuckle.

Bibi knows. Israel won't wait for the never-to-happen brokered peace pact; he'll take care of his country's on-the-ground security arrangements on his own.

Whatever his flaws, Netanyahu gets it!

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