Tuesday, January 11, 2011


By Simon Fischler

I am writing to clear up a few things.

For starters, Arabs come from Arabia, hence the name A-R-A-B. (Saudi) Arabia is nowhere near the Levant, Israel or many other places where we find Arabs today, from the Middle-East to Africa.

How did they get there?


That’s right, Arabs are second only to white Europeans when it comes to colonialism. Mohammad, an illiterate war chief born in Mecca circa 570 AD who plagiarized much of the Israelite bible (the Tanach), conquered the Middle-East and northern Africa. His followers then marched into Spain, parts of France and Italy, and as far as Banja Luka in today’s Bosnia, before being stopped by Charlemagne and others. As the Arabs, now called Muslims, violently carried their new religion, Islam, into southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, they raped, pillaged and destroyed cultures, peoples and civilizations along the way.

Arabic Islam didn’t stop there. After all of this violent vanquishing, the Arab Muslims then went about desecrating the religious monuments in the newly-conquered lands. Example: building the Dome of the Rock and Al Aksa mosque on the Temple Mount. This was the flagrant, intentional desecration of the holiest site to the Hebrew, Israelite and now Jewish people.

Another truly important fact that the world has somehow missed or is hiding away behind a hardened mask of denial is the collaboration of the Arab slave traders in North Africa with their white European buyers. It was also Arab pirates from North Africa who systematically kidnapped white Christians from all over the coastal areas of Europe, for the purpose of slavery, adding to harems, or even occasionally supplying ransom income.

Interesting how the world, myself included, was so anti-apartheid over South Africa, but has let the Arabs continue their tyrannical rule and apartheid policies throughout the lands they conquered in North Africa. Why hasn’t the world demanded that the Arabs return Africa to its rightful owners, Native Black Africans, just as global pressure succeeded in forcing the white Europeans to return South Africa to her rightful “owners,” indigenous Black Africans?

Arabs/Muslims have been the perpetrators of some of the worst crimes of the 20th and 21st centuries. Many of these crimes have been carried out against Israel and her Jewish population, black Africans, Armenians and women. Since this means few white, Western males were involved the modern First World truthfully does not care that much! However, from the Armenian genocide, the massacres of Hebron and the Arab riots, the final solution of the Jews of Eretz Israel by Haj Amin Al Hussieni, to the modern female slave trade -- all are the creation of and in the hands of Arab Muslims or Muslims in general (after all, the Turks, Iranian, Bosnian and Indonesian Muslims are not Arab).

It is also almost entirely the Arabs who are keeping the world hooked on oil (although admittedly it was white Europe and the US that taught them how to do it!). That means they have played an enormous role in bringing about the horrible environmental situation we live in today (again, with the willing complicity of the entire oil-addicted First World). By keeping us hooked on oil they perpetuate the situation and therefore bear much responsibility for the potentially dire environmental future of our children.

All of the above is true; as true as one plus one equaling two. Hopefully it will also be true that someday, when the oil runs out, the First World -- if it has not been completely Islamicized -- will turn on the Arabs and their Muslim brethren, forcing them to take responsibility for all the atrocities they have carried out, making them pay a heavy price for their actions and deeds.

That day cannot come soon enough.

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