Sunday, January 2, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Sadly the government of Israel plays by political and diplomatic rules that those who stand against her do not.

There was a time when I thought that Israel should do all she can to present herself in the best light that was possible.

When you have the Prime Minister of Turkey running around every other week making the most Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel statements one starts to wonder when we decide to fight back using their rules. One can be a punching bag for only so long.

The concept of Israel needing to be better than those who are fighting her is nonsense today. That logic is what has made Jews the whipping boy of the world for so long. In Israel’s birth she flung off this burden and did and said what had to be done and said, to protect the new life that was the creation of modern Israel. Somewhere along the way Israel and those who speak for her have forgotten whom we fight. Hating Satan has never been easy. Much of the radical Left, most of the Moslem/Arab world, plus the Palestinian camp have become virtually the same demons that the Nazis and Fascists of World War Two were.

For far too long we have played nice; yet the world still treats us in unfair, one-sided and, yes, anti-Semitic fashion. That needs to end. Maybe the Foreign Ministry of Israel needs to watch what it says, but those of us on the streets, those who are fighting on the internet, need not worry anymore. The time has come for us to take off our gloves and play by their rules. We even need to go one step further, to get even dirtier than our enemies to win this battle.

“Enemies” is an important word and the correct word when referring to the radical Left and Pro-Palestinian camp. They are not diplomatic foes, they are not here to negotiate with. With them we have nothing to talk about: this is a fight to the death. We must meet them with the truth, facts and knowledge and crush them in doing so.

As they lie and spread innuendo, we must hit back with a verbal boxer’s punch of knowledge, history and vocabulary that might not sound to nice sometimes, but gets right to the core of how evil these people are.

We must expose the Ben Whites, Norman Finkelstiens, Noam Chomskys, Ilan Pepes, etc., for who they. These are the advocates and the academic faces of the Pro-Palestinian camp. They are the ones who make legitimate the lies about Israel that are being paid for with Arab oil money. These are the greatest Quislings of them all and they need to be exposed as the charlatans they are.

If President Barack Hussein Obama behaves in a way that is Anti-Israel and borderline Anti-Semitic (as he is right now), then that is what we need to call it. If the Jews who are working for Obama behave as Quislings, then that is what we should call them. There is no reason to say otherwise; they are not pulling punches with their vocabulary about Israel.

When it comes to the colonialist, anti-semitic, Holocaust-permitting Europeans, I say, “SHUT UP!” We have so many pots calling the kettle black, that it has become one huge reality cooking show, and Israel has become the entrĂ©e of the moment!

You want to tell Israel she is behaving badly because she defends herself, and in the process kills a few terror-loving Palestinians? Are you kidding? Europe and the EU are the last people who should open their mouths about Israel’s behavior. It has nothing to do with the Holocaust, either.

You are the people who raped and pillaged whole cultures from North America, Africa Australia and Asia. You have been the cause of three world wars (can’t forget the French and Indian War that was the first real “world war”). You have mass-murdered millions in the name of bringing European enlightenment and none of this killing, raping and pillaging was done in defense. All was done in a colonialist, offensive fashion for the increase of territory and power.

So, screw diplomacy and to hell with being political; fight time is here!

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