Sunday, January 9, 2011


By Simon Fischler

I just discovered that Facebook is a frightening example of how unified and extensive the Pro-Palestinian, rabidly anti-Israel sector has become.

I belong to many pro-Israel groups on Facebook, none of which are called “I Hate Palestine” or “I Hate The Arabs.”

I did a little test yesterday and typed into the Facebook search engine “I Hate Palestine.” I expected to get something, at least ten or twenty pages (I know we have crazies on our side, too). I found one group! That’s it, only one group. I was shocked.

But, if you type “I Hate Israel” in the Facebook search engine, you will get over 500 groups! There are groups with swastikas, groups with old school anti-Semitic cartoons – the whole disgusting gamut. Type in “Wipe Israel off the Map” and you get a good amount of groups too.

How can people expect the Israeli government or Israelis to believe in peace when this is what they're confronted with?

Sadly, the hundreds of groups on Facebook are just an appetizer to all the other main-course anti-Semitic attacks being carried out by the Radical left and the Arab / Muslim world right now.

Attempts to boycott Israel and stain her name with “apartheid” is merely one recent slant to their demonic campaign of murder, thanks in large part to former US president Jimmy Carter (who faintly apologized … much too little and far too late).

Yet, call their bluff and they always come up short. No matter how much they try to reinvent or revise the past, the facts and histories are all there for those who want to find them.

It was Haj Amin Al Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem, who was a Nazi collaborator, assisted in recruiting for the German army in WW2 and tried to institute his own “Final Solution” to the Jewish problem of Palestine (which he failed to accomplish, thanks to Israel’s victory in her War of Independence.) FACT.

It was the Arabs who said no to the UN partition plan. FACT.

It was the Arabs that invaded the nascent Israeli State after telling their own people to flee, so they could push the Jews into the sea. FACT.

It was the Arabs who tossed close to 900,000 Jews out of their Muslim lands. FACT.

It was the Arabs who gave the three NOs of the Khartoum Resolution after the Six Day War: no peace with Israel; no recognition of Israel; no negotiations with Israel. FACT.

It was Arafat who turned down Palestinian statehood and Peace in 2000-2001. FACT.

Today it is the Arabs and their ally, the Radical Left, who promote groups like “I Hate Israel” on Facebook.

When will these people learn that if they hated Israel less and loved Palestine more, their futures would be brighter?

What does that mean?

It means facing up to the fact that Israel IS … and is NOT going away. FACT.

Only when the pro-Palestinian lobby -- its allies, self-proclaimed pundits and all of those whining, judgmental, finger-pointing supporters included – admits that Israel is here to stay, can the possibility of creating a Palestinian state even begin to exist.

Only when that lobby shifts its vociferous, hateful energies toward creation instead of toward destruction (and the death of Israel), can the potential of a Palestine move toward any sort of reality.

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