Tuesday, January 4, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Let’s not fool ourselves. Whatever the majority of the Left today would like to call their anti-Semitic, anti-Israel stance, it is nothing else but that: raw, unadulterated, pure, good old-fashioned anti-Semitism!

How dare I say that, right? One should be able to criticize Israel and her policies. True, but today the Left does not criticize Israel; it vilifies and demonizes Israel.

I must obviously be part of the clan, club or syndicate of Jews doing all it can to shut up Israel’s critics and help her and the Neocons (code-word for evil American Jews) control the world!

That type of talk should sound like insanity. Unfortunately, “Jews secretly running the world” is one of the many conspiracy theories that leading left, elite, professors, journalists and quasi-intellectuals espouse when attacking both the American Jewish community and Israel.

The Left would have you think the same could be said about the far Right. Right? Wrong! People like David Duke and Pat Buchanan don’t lie about who they are: they’re quite clear that they are card-carrying Jew haters.

But bastions of the Left, such as the self-loathing Jews Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein spew some of the most virulent anti-Semitism, then camouflage it behind their Jewish National ancestry or their supposed liberal credentials, claiming it’s impossible for them to be anti-Semites because of their liberalness or their Jewishness. Apparently they are unaware of the fact the Jews have always been the best Anti-Semites!

Another truth seldom remarked upon: leftist street protests around the world could be stunt doubles for Nazi party rallies in the late Thirties. A great example was the protests against the war in Iraq.

They were full of placards reading “Free Palestine”, “Stop the Occupation”, “Gays for Palestine”(the biggest joke of all because of the treatment of homosexuals by Hamas and the supposedly moderate Fatah), “Death to Israel”, “Destroy Israel”, “Israel = Nazis” and more equally hateful Israel-bashing.

Sorry, but I must have missed something in geography! Is the West Bank in Iraq? What does the war in Iraq have to do with freeing Palestine? Why do leftist protestors -- from Anti-Iraq protestors to left wing anti-globalization protestors -- blame the world’s problems on Israel? Ohhh, that’s right: because Jews run the world!

Not to mention if you want to carry a sign like “Free Palestine,” you would be wise to direct it at the Arabs; not the Israelis. No one was protesting when Jordan occupied the West Bank and Egypt usurped Gaza until 1967!

Let us be truly honest: the facts, or the truth if you will, are simple (no matter how much Noam Chomsky will use his extraordinary linguistic skills to try and deceive you), even though the Left is in selective denial. The Palestinians were offered an amazing deal in 2000 at Camp David, a deal that was created and supported by Bill Clinton and the American government. America, the country that returned the Sinai Peninsula and all its oil wells from Israel to Egypt in the Camp David accords.

The 2000 deal would have given the Palestinians their state on 95% of the West Bank, all of the Gaza strip and East Jerusalem. Not a bad deal for the party that had lost the war! The state offered to the Palestinians would have given them their freedom and brought both nations peace and prosperity.

For the Palestinian and Arab leadership this would have created an immense problem, though. It would have meant an end to conflict without destroying Israel and erasing the blight of a Jewish State from the Arab, Muslim world (something the Left continuously overlooks).

Tantamount to the failure of destroying Israel, it also would have meant Arab and Palestinian leaders would be unable to blame the backwardness of their countries and the extremism of their dictatorial governments on Israel. They finally would be held accountable to their citizens … with no Jewish escape-goat!

By ignoring this fact, the Left blatantly shows its contempt for historical truth, exposes its hatred for Israel and glorifies its own anti-Semitism. Further, left-wingers would then blame Israel for the Palestinians’ self inflicted Occupation. Why would I call it “self-inflicted”?

Simple: not only did the Palestinians reject peace in 2000, they had rejected peace when the United Nations (representative of World Law) lawfully voted for the partition of the British Mandate of Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab State. They then declared war on Israel and lost. The Palestinians and their Arab brethren have done nothing but tirelessly reject peace, deny Israel’s right to exist and carry out human rights abuses against Jews whenever wherever and however possible!

All of which seems to leave the left unfazed! They appear to have no qualms about supporting oil-producing, genocidal Arabs … as long as these Arabs are standing against democratic Israel!

The Lie of Occupation

The Left’s idea of “occupation” is corrupt, anyway. The West Bank is a modern name, a name of the 20th century. And what today’s revisionist world calls the West Bank was called Judea and Samaria for thousands of years.

Worse, in many cities of the Palestinian Mandate -- before and after the start of the 20th century -- Jews were the majority population; especially Jerusalem, although this changed after two events.

The first was a mass migration to Palestine of Arabs, allowed by the British while they simultaneously curtailed Jewish Immigration. These Arabs were seeking work on Jewish farms that employed new farming technology-- technology that was in the process of turning the desert green and providing lots of jobs.

The second instance was the Arab pogroms of the early 20th century, when Arabs systematically started a plan of ethnic cleansing in which the British collaborated!

The city of Hebron is a perfect example. The 1929 Hebron Massacre killed 67 Jews although its true and intended result was much greater: the total departure of all of Hebron’s Jews from the city. The Jews of Hebron at this time were the majority, but after the Jews fled, the Arab population seized all of their belongings. Today Hebron is a completely Arab city … in full possession of the land and belongings of the Jews who once lived there.

By any definition of today’s human rights organizations this was ethnic cleansing, a crime against humanity and a war crime! It is also just one of the many examples of Arab atrocities against the Jews of the land of Israel about which the Left appears to have collective amnesia!

Annie Lennox and her gang could care less about Palestinian Arab intolerance today either. The Left won’t take to the streets when Sederot is rocketed for eight years, but won’t miss a beat when Israel defends herself.

None of them protested when the Palestinians torched Joseph’s Tomb on October 7th 2000 (The Joseph we’re talking about is the Jewish Patriarch Joseph). Apparently the Left feels it is fine for Arabs to ransack and torch some of the most sacred Jewish Holy sites, but if an Israeli soldier sneezes next to a mosque, it is a crime against humanity!

Most importantly, the Left totally ignores the fact that the Arabs of Israel during the Israeli war of Independence were lead by Mohammed Amin al-Husayni, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Not only was Mr. Husayni the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, he was also a fervent supporter of the Nazi party during WW2. Being that the Grand Mufti was the leader of the Arab population of Palestine, it means that from 1921 (When he became Grand Mufti) the Arabs were lead by a Nazi collaborator.

Like the Germans of Nazi Germany, the Palestinians were Nazi’s themselves, as proven by their actions. Examples are the Hebron Massacre of 1929, the 1936-1939 Arab Revolt in which 400 Jews were killed by Arabs, etc.

The Leader of the Left

We must again hit the topic of our friend Noam Chomsky.

Mr. Chomsky (I refuse to call him a professor of anything but self-hating, Jewish anti-Semitism) is the messiah of today’s left-wing, Jew-hating, Israeli bashers.

Chomsky is a known Holocaust denier; proven by his ardent support of almost all Holocaust deniers themselves! In his many debates against Alan Dershowitz he has shown that he cares nothing for the truth. Like his friend Norman Finkelstein he has no problem with just inventing lies to push his propaganda.

So, I ask you this, if Don Imus was fired from his job for calling the Rutgers Womens’ basketball team “nappy headed ho’s,” why is Noam Chomsky not fired from MIT for being a known Holocaust denying, bigoted, anti-Semitic backer of ethnically cleansing Israel of her Jews?

How can the Left claim to be ardent supporters of liberal values when they back the most fascist, tyrannical and dictatorial regimes against the liberal, open, Democratic state of Israel?

The truth is the Left is no longer the Left of 30 years ago. The left of 30 years ago embraced American Jews because these Jews were the supporters of the civil-rights movement. The true left (which is now dead), the left I loved, supported Israel because she is a Democracy. The true left stood by Israel because she stands for everything that America’s forefathers wanted for America herself!

Today’s left is radical to its core and promotes and carries out anti-Israel, anti-Semitism. It silences those who wish to support Israel. It is backed financially by Arab states that have the worst Human Rights records. They back nations who call for Israel to be wiped off of the world map.

In fact, today’s left resembles the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany more than it does the supporters of Freedom and Liberty who fought for the Civil Rights movement, or fought against the war in Vietnam.

The Emperor of the left truly has no clothes. He is nothing more than a classic anti-Semite, calling for what all anti-Semites have called for: the destruction of the Jewish State and the Jewish people as a nation!


  1. Great, about time someone tells it like it is.

  2. Self hating Jew? Isn't that a cliche? Jews running the world? I thought it was just entertainment. Joking.
    There were 7 recent migrations between 1882 and 1948, thus expanding the majority of Jews in the region. A massive migration in 1948 and a civil war for independence.
    You claim you are offering so much to a nation that has lost the war (independence), yet you (Jews) have lost many wars and have been cast out of the area (mostly) for very long periods of time, only to reclaim it. Sounds like you were offered a country after being defeated repeatedly doesn't it?
    You have a major point with scapegoating concerning your neighbors to hide their faults. That's what the US does and many other countries. Everyone needs a nemesis.
    I'm sure you know any Nazi's would kill everyone in the area regardless of heritage. To use them politically / militarily is to know that the last bullet is meant for you.
    As far as Imus and Chomsky, freedom of speech vs institution that hires you. You can't deny the holocaust. 50-70 million (I don't know why that has become synonymous with Jews), but genocide is different, or an attempt at it. 6 million roughly, can't deny that ether but in a different category (very Jewish related).
    End Transmission.