Tuesday, January 11, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

In the make-believe-world of "peacemakers" such as Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and the menagerie known as the European Union, the end game of Middle East peacemaking efforts goes something like this:

1. After endless preliminary negotiations; face-to-face talks are conducted between Israel and whomever the Arab (Palestinian) leaders happen to be.

2. Eventually -- maybe in the next century, who knows? -- a deal is hammered out with two distinctly separate states; Israel and whatever the Arabs choose to call their entity. 

3. Everybody lives happily ever after.

However, that eventuality will happen when cows jump over the moon and the dish runs after the spoon.

Which is precisely why -- in my first sentence -- I immediately described it as a "make-believe-world."

But, let's put on our super-duper-a-la-Peter T. Hooper cloak and imagine -- fantasy is hereby allowed -- that the above Points 1 and 2 actually could happen. 

Would that mean that Point 3 inevitably would follow?


Not by a long shot or a sling shot and it all would be -- in the sad end -- because of rocket shots!

And if you know why pessimism trumps optimism in this case, just check out the results of Israel's Gaza "cease fire" following Operation Cast Lead. 

Unless you believe that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their other assorted playmates are firing Teddy Bears at Israel, there's no reason to expect any form of "security" following any peace pact with the Arabs.

The problem is that Uncle Sam's (Obama's) idea of security for Israel is based on paper; alias a document; otherwise known as a pact; ergo: Peace Pact.

"Security" on paper always looks appetizing in headlines and sounds appealing on newscasts. 

Remember when President George W. Bush put in writing a new view of Israel and its borders that did away with American thinking about returning to 1967 borders and such claptrap. 

The Bush declaration was hailed everywhere from Metula to Eilat as an eternal boost fort Israeli security. And why shouldn't it? After this was the Commander In Chief of what once was the world's most powerful -- not anymore folks under cheek-turning Obama -- nation endorsing Israel's stand on security.

Well, you know -- or should know -- how much substance the Bush declaration-letter-policy has since Obama-Clinton took over. The American president essentially has tossed it into the shredder-ashcan-garbage dump. 

Translated: That American assurance of Israeli "security" is as dead as George Washington. Or, as some State Department flunky might assert: "Forget-about-it!"

The dismal truth is that there never can be security-by-pact. And if any Israeli leader is deceived into such thinking, shame on him and shame on her.

Over and over and over again, history has shown us that peace pacts and assorted other treaties are endlessly bypassed by aggressive nations. 

Prior to World War II, Japan pulled a fast one on the world by ignoring a treaty banning the construction of capital ships beyond a certain tonnage. Under secret -- during Emperor Hirohito's reign -- Nippon constructed not one, not two but three super-battleships in the Yamato class in clear, blatant violation of the treaty.

Now we're not talking about concrete bunkers in which Israeli-hating Arabs (Palestinians) can store endless thousands of rocket-launchers, I'm noting that these were gigantic warships; concealed from view until the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor. 

Nobody can tell me -- what the Benjamin Netanyahu's government well knows -- that Hezbollah is not storing such missiles for future attacks on Israel. 
And wasn't the cease-fire deal Israel signed to end the Lebanese War supposed to prevent the hoarding-storing of such missiles? Of course it was but just like the hundreds of non-aggression pacts signed in the past century, it currently is being ignored.

Which brings us to the doleful bottom line: and that is the only security that can be guaranteed Israel cannot come from the White House, the European Union -- Heaven forbid! -- or any outside do-gooder other than Israel itself.

Paper guarantees are meant for the Round File; no more no less.

Let Bibi & Company not be deceived into believing that "security" can come from without. 

As we have learned via Gaza, Lebanon, the Sudetenland, Pearl Harbor and the phony Flotilla armadas, it must be Israel which determines its peace; not alleged Samaritans named Obama, Clinton nor Abbas!

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