Saturday, January 22, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

If you appeared before a mathematicians convention and tried selling the delegates on the merits of two-plus-two equalling six you would be shown the door.

But when it comes to Middle East diplomacy, two-plus-two just might make six.

Ban-ki Moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, offers a good example of such diplomatic ill-logic.

His latest bit of brilliant insight goes something like this: "Settlements are illegal and hamper the peace process."

Excuse me.

What "peace process?"

Every time either Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton or any of their assorted visiting flunkies attempt to convene a meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and his Arab counterparts, the Palestinians produce more alibis than there are camels in the Sahara.

Peace process?

Israel was created by United Nations mandate in 1948. Virtually every year since then the Arabs -- in one form or another -- have attempted to destroy what the UN created.

To this day Mahmoud Abbas and his henchmen have refused to acknowledge that Israel is as much a legitimate state as Canada, Turkey or China for that matter.

How can there be a "peace process" if the Arabs (Palestinians) present a list of PRE-conditions before they even will consider sitting down with the Israelis?

This is the two-plus-two equals six brand of logic that Ban-ki Moon espouses.

If the UN Secretary-General really was serious about achieving a modicum of peace in the Middle East, he could start with a few comments about the Lebanese situation.

He could start by telling the world that the Nasrallah gang is about to take over Lebanon with a coup d'etat.

Then peacemaker Moon could explicitly note that Hezbollah has -- in violation of the UN-brokered armistice -- has been stockpiling long-range rockets, none of which would be trained on any nation other than Israel.

Should he want any fair-minded observer to take him seriously about "peace" he could point out that Hamas has unrelentingly allowed encouraged its assorted proxies such as Islamic Jihad to unrelentingly fire rockets and mortar shells into Israel without provocation.

Has it dawned on Secretary-General Moon that there is one -- and only one -- democracy in the Middle East and it's neither Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia nor Jordan?

Is there no sense of fairness when it comes to pointing a finger at those who have consistently and endlessly turned their backs on the Jewish State?

Not that America's Chief Executive has epitomized fair play.

Before taking office, Obama once solemnly promised that he would move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem where it should be.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. By insisting upon keeping its embassy in Tel Aviv, the White House provides Israel's enemies with a distorted message; we don't recognized Jerusalem as your capital even though it is your capital.

Call it just another case of political arithmetic; two-and-two equals six.

The distortion is exacerbated when a man named Moon declares that Jerusalem should be "shared" as a capital for both Israel and the Palestinians; the very same Palestinians who won't even acknowledge a Jewish state.

Justice may triumph in novels and cheery homilies.

In the Middle East -- at least when it comes to giving Israel a fair-shake -- justice is a cruel joke!

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