Sunday, December 14, 2014


By Simon Fischler

There has been an in depth report by the Foundation of Defense of Democracies that makes it clear Qatar is funding the worst terrorists, fascists and slavers our world knows today?

Does this surprise anyone? 

The real question to ask and it's the one that cost Chuck Hagel his job, is why is one of Americas largest army bases in the world inside of Qatar? 

In fact, this is not just any base, it is the United States Army Central Command (CENTCOM's) forward headquarters. 

Another question to ask, why are American military contractors and the pentagon selling billions of dollars worth of arms to a country that is funneling weapons to groups like Al-Qaida, ISIS and Hamas?

The results of Qatar's handiwork can be seen every time an ISIS terrorist is caught on television, YouTube and other internet sites. 

The plethora of A4 m16 's being used by the Jihadis is scary and they don't just have them from looting dead Iraqi soldiers. 

The A4 has become as ubiquitous as the Ak47 and it's not because it's a better riffle.

That says something! 

It's not just the small arms that Qatar is funneling off and this is where things become really scary. 

Do American citizens remember the date September 11th., 2001?

Apparently the Obama administration, democrats and republicans have all forgotten it.

This summer Israel saw first hand where Qatar's money is going. Hamas' concrete tunnels (paid for by our friend Qatar) leading right under Israeli towns next to the Gaza Strip. 

These tunnels, the Middle-East versions of the Lincoln tunnel, were built for one reason only, murdering mass amounts of Israeli citizens, something Hamas boasted of. 

Hamas committed an international crime when it breached Israel's sovereign border, so did Qatar because they were funding and giving diplomatic backing to this terror organization. 

Both Hamas and Qatar also committed war crimes and crimes against Humanity. 

Hamas' intentional firing of rockets into Israel civilian centers from Arab civilian centers in the Gaza Strip is a double war crime and crime against humanity.

Hamas may not have succeeded in carrying out their plan of murdering and abducting as many Jews as possible with their tunnels but that was their intention with Qatar's backing. 

This too should be judged as both a war crime and a crime against humanity. 

So, how is it that America is even in leagues with a country like Qatar? 

With all of this information has nothing been learned from history, especially history that happened such a short time ago? 

Here are some more examples of what Qatar has to offer our world, it is called Wahhabism.

Without a doubt Qatar, like the Nazis Germans of World War Two, is doing all it can to spread its Arabist/Islamist fascism throughout the world, especially inside of the "Free World". 

Don't forget Qatars role in The African slave trade. 

This may be the nastiest part of what Qatar is partaking in to make money to fund its band of Islamic brown shirts throughout the world. 

The Arabs have been running the African side of the Slave Trade since they occupied and colonized North Africa.

Today Qatar, with Hamas assistance continues this evil. 

Sadly America and the not so "Free World" are turning a blind eye to this despicable behavior. 

How is this possible?

Because Qatar understands the meaning of C.R.E.A.M, Cash Rules Everything Around Me, and is not embarrassed to use money to cover its heinous activities.

Even scarier is the influence Qatar has over the Obama administration. 

They achieved this by easily planting an organization like the Council on American Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R), a non- profit organization bringing in the Qatari dollars by the millions, inside of America and inside the American Government.

Qatar has also given millions of dollars to Jimmy Carter (now the official PR agent for the Muslim Brotherhood in America) through his Carter Foundation.

Qatar has also just bought off former American Ambassador Martin Indyk with a hefty donation to his Brookings Institute. 

Important not to forget that Qatar owns many of our centers of Higher Education, like Columbia University, by giving big, fatty donations.

So, now the simple question is, can Americans really afford to let this diseased relationship continue? 

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