Monday, December 8, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Yesterday Mahmoud Abbas took the time to yet again incite against the State of Israel in a manner that can only be seen as calling for the destruction of the Jewish Democratic State.

Where is the American condemnation? 

I guess Jewish Home building is the only atrocity that can make Obama mad. 

It is imperative that Israel make it clear to the Obama administration, the European Union and the United nations, if the Arabs are not willing to accept a Jewish State then there is ABSOLUTELY no reason for Israel to accept yet another Arab state.

By promoting ideas that call for the flooding of Israel by hostile Arabs, Mahmoud Abbas is flaunting, disregarding and disrespecting international law.

Fact, by insisting he will never recognise the Jewish State of Israel, Abbas is actively working against United Nations resolutions, the Two State solution and therefore international law.

Abbas and his cronies are not stupid, their venomous lies against Israel may be Jew-Hatred, but that has always been part of their Nazi ideology. 

It is nothing new that the Palestinians, a 20th century Arab invented people, are calling for the destruction of Jewish self-determination in the Land of Israel. This is why they have rejected the foreign concept of a Palestinian State since 1948. 

The only difference is how they are attempting to commit this crime against humanity. 

Today the Arabs are using a new form of terrorism, it is diplomatic and political terrorism, with the same Arab colonialist objective of destroying Jewish Liberty.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was correct to call out Abbas for this despicable act of incitement but more needs to be done.

This is a street fight and Israel is behaving like this is a regulated boxing match.

The gloves cannot just come off against Hamas, the Palestinian Authority has been disregarding the Oslo Accords, diplomatically, for years. 

Of course Abbas and his legions are following the security parameters set out in Oslo. If they did not the parts of Judea and Samaria they OCCUPY would have already fallen to Hamas. 

The Palestinian Authority and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan exist today only because of the IDF protection that keeps them in power. 

It is time for Israel to give the Palestinian Authority and the Obama Administration the same message they gave to Vladimir Putin yesterday. 

When the IAF bombed what was to be a shipment of P-800 Oniks (Yakhont) surface to sea missiles for Hezbollah, Israel made it clear that the security and well being of its citizens and state come first and foremost. 

These missiles were to be used to create a sea embargo against Israel or to bombard Israeli Natural Gas assets in the Mediterranean. 

Either way this was a Casus Belli. Israel was correct to carry out a pre-emptive strike.

Every time Abbas diplomatically incites against the Jewish State it should be seen as a Casus Belli. 

Every time Abbas calls for the destruction of Israel the Palestinian Authority MUST pay a heavy price! 

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