Monday, December 29, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

This can be wrapped up in one word, Delegitimisation. 

Six years ago I wrote a piece emphasising the need for a team, unit or division of internet, social media and historically savvy writers to be integrated into the IDF or one of the intelligence agencies defending Israel.

I went so as to say this team might be just as important as a squadron of F-16’s. 

This has become reality and nothing has been done to create a viable force to fight the Arab machine pumping out lies and innuendo. 

One of the politicians (the one who got my last vote) sitting in last government promised he would take this part of the war seriously and do something about it when he entered the Knesset and government. 

That too never happened.

The war to delegitimise Israel is a brutal one, much like a street fight. 

Like the physical war being fought on the battle fields of Gaza, Lebanon and the Arab Occupied Territories of Judea and Samaria this battle takes a toll on all of us who are independently fighting for Israel.

The amount of threats I receive on a day to day basis whenever I publish a blog is enough to make many with a weaker back bone walk away from this.

So, I try to put into perspective how it must feel for those students, also fighting for Israel, on campus’ around the United States and Europe. 

They too face threats on the internet, verbally and physically. 

The Electric Intifada, broadcasted out of Columbia University, is the mouth piece for the BDS, Boycott, Divest and Sanction, movement (which is a Hamas front in America). It is the colonialist Arab version of Tokyo Rose.

Like Tokyo Rose, it is the propaganda voice of a terrorist group, the BDS movement is a terrorist organisation, period. 

It calls for the destruction of a Sovereign State recognised by International Law and the United Nations. 

BDS practices physical terrorism, the groups members (like the Brown Shits of Nazi Germany) regularly physically threaten students and Professors who support Israel on campuses around the United States. 

BDS also practices financial terrorism through boycotts (i.e. the livelihood of people, sounds a lot like Nazi Germany too). 

Lastly BDS also practices virtual terrorism, a new terrorism, through the internet. Threatening students, professors and pro-Israeli bloggers. 

All of this can be fought if there was a more cohesive unit to bombard American Senators and Congressman with the facts.

American Israelis can start by pushing their representatives to take punitive action against any groups, unions and places of higher education that promote the genocidal views of BDS. 

This street battle has started and our nose has been bloodied, but it is far from over.

Since our cause, the cause of Israel, is the morally correct cause and the Arab cause is built on the flames of Nazi Haj Amin al-Husseini we still have the ability to fight back and win.

Now it is time for the government of Israel and the military establishment to get involved and help US out! 

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