Thursday, December 11, 2014


By Simon Fischler

An "Overwhelming Majority" of Palestinians support stabbing or running over Jews. Can you imagine the noise if this was reversed? 

Maybe I'm stupid, but there is something seriously wrong with a society, meaning it is completely immoral and run by criminals, if an "overwhelming majority" of your population wants to stab and run-over human beings. 

Take a look, 

This is the situation with the "Palestinians".

This makes sense being that the "Palestinians" are an Arab, 20th. Century invented people, created solely for the purpose of re-robing the Jewish Nation of its liberty and self-determination. 

When a society is created to be taught lies, innuendo and hatred of course an overwhelming majority will want to commit crime.

Please spare me the oppressed bullshit because the only people oppressing the made up Palestinian people are their supposed Arab brothers, the EU and the United Nations. 

Please remember that there isn't a single nation in the world that has been as oppressed as the Jewish nation. 

I don't want to stab Arabs because their leader Haj Amin Husseini was a Nazi responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of Jews during the holocaust. 

I don't want run-down Arabs with my Jeep because they forced the British into creating the White Paper laws which barred Jews from immigrating to their home Israel; which ended as a death sentence for them during the Shoah. 

I don't want to stab Arabs because they have genocidal and homicidal thoughts towards my nation, my people and my family.  

I'm pretty sure an "overwhelming majority" of Native Americans don't want to stab the descendants of white Europeans. I'm also pretty sure an "overwhelming majority" of African Americans don't want to stab Caucasians in America.

Both have suffered and been oppressed in ways the Palestinians could never imagine.

In fact it is the Palestinians who are the oppressors, it is they that rejected peace, partition and statehood in 1948. It is the Palestinians who continually seek the destruction of Israel in clear defiance of international law. 

It was the Arab nations that kicked out 850,000 to 1,000,000 Jews from their countries. Stealing everything these Jews owned.

One of the issues here is that the "overwhelming majority" of Arabs harbor the same sadistic thoughts that their colonial allies the Europeans have. JEW-HATRED, or as some like to call it anti-Semitism.

The Palestinians are goaded on by racist, hypocrites like Danish Ambassador Jesper Vahr. Or the Irish Parliament that voted for the colonialist enterprise called Palestine.

Vahr just openly admitted that the Europeans hold Israel to a bigoted, double standard at a Jerusalem Post conference. 

These are sad times when diplomats can openly admit that they are practicing diplomatic anti-Semitism.

This is "Palestinianism", an OVERWHELMINGLY sick creature.

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  1. When oh when will the world wake up???!!! It seems facts do not interest anyone any more. It just disturbs their preconceived ideas