Tuesday, December 16, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak


The headline in the Wall Street Journal actually minimized the scope of Islamic terror.

Where once -- and not that long ago either -- we tended to localize the Muslim madness to the Middle East that fantasy no longer can be tolerated.

The latest, brazen terrorist siege has taken place in Sydney, Australia.

Think about it; Sydney; often regarded as pacific a metropolis in the Pacific as any other; give or take Melbourne or Christchurch in New Zealand.

Australia: one of the world's most enlightened nations and the bastion of democracy in the World War II counterattacks against the Japanese aggressors.

Like a mean-spirited slap in the face, the civilized world should once and for all understand the obvious: militant Islam eagerly aims to conquer the universe.

If anything has changed it is the brazen nature of the Arabs. There's nothing subtle about their methods any more.

Beheadings are proudly shown for the world to see.

A siege of a peaceful city takes place with Arabic gunmen taking hostages.

While a truce supposedly is invoked in Gaza, Hamas openly prepares for another war against Israel.

Ditto Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Double Ditto for the Muslim Brotherhood's cells now imbedded just about everywhere.

And while all this terrorism inflames assorted continents, the Middle East's only democracy, Israel, is viciously assailed from all sides because it wants to build homes for innocent, non-aggressive citizens.

Militant Islam has become so emboldened because only one significant democracy -- Canada -- has dared to challenge their aggressiveness.

Under its Muslim president, the United States of America has indulged militant Islam and that indulgence has further encouraged the form of terrorism that now has spread to Australia.

Barack Obama is more responsible for this hideous state of world affairs than anyone. 

His obsequious Cairo speech of yesteryear was a signal to the Arab world; do what you want, Uncle Sam will play ostrich.

Militant Islam took that message and has gone to war with the world. 

Meanwhile, on the American side, the ostrich act is in full swing.

Peace on the Earth; Good will toward men.

The Islamists are laughing!

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