Sunday, December 7, 2014


By Sig Demling

It reads like fiction; almost science fiction it is so irrational.

But as some of us -- me included -- predicted; once the 2014 American elections are concluded President Obama will bare his fangs and attempt to poison Israel.

Not that the White House hasn't already damaged its closest Mideast Ally beyond belief but this latest assault on the Jewish State defies credulity.

While Arabs slaughter Arabs in just about every Middle East country from Iraq to Syria and Islamic beheading practices become as matter of fact as oxygen, the Democratic administration is going out of its way to demonize Benjamin Netanyahu and his government.

Mind you, this so-called "ally" is putting Israel in a totally uncompromising position simply because Bibi refuses to capitulate to Obama's irrational demands. 

Now the President is threatening sanctions against a country that is surrounded by enemies bent on its destruction.

Does the White House give a damn?


Instead it is encouraging the vicious Arabs to increase their incitement and harass Israel whether its via Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas or any other haven for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, the mullahs threaten all methods of attacking Israel either directly or through their many proxies and what does the White House do but campaign vigorously to lift more sanctions against a nation that would attack America this moment if it could.

Once again the petty Obama thinking is activated because Israel's Prime Minister is encouraging building of homes -- not placing of rocket launchers or building a nuclear arsenal -- in Israel.

Putting it simply, Washington is telling Jerusalem, sorry, but you cannot build within your own nation because it offends the Arabs.

In a rational world, such a nonsensical demand would hastily be thrown in the garbage heap. 

Barack Obama does not operate in a rational world.




Yes, when it comes to Israel.

(And if this sounds redundant, you might want to recall how many times I have warned of just such a stab in Israel's back ever since Obama told a deceived APAC audience that he "had Israel's back.")

-- end it --

-Stan Fischler

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