Tuesday, December 6, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Code Pink! What a name, but this name is a fallacy. It should really be changed to CODE BROWN as in BROWN SHIRTS, because that is what this movement stands for.

Code Pink is a militant, anti-Semitic group that has one goal: robbing Jews of their integrity, stealing Jewish self-determination and replacing it with Arab colonialism. They cloak their insidious intentions by claiming that Israeli products -- most notably right now Ahava, a beauty product line made from Dead Sea minerals -- are produced and/or manufactured either in what they call West Bank “settlements,” or on lands “stolen” from Palestinians.

This group will do anything to harm Israel, especially financially.

Like the Nazi Brown Shirts of olden times, Code Pink attempts to instill fear in the supporters of freedom and democracy -- that is Israel -- by brute force.

Their pathetic attempts to cover this up are easily rooted out.

Code Pink has failed to move major retail outlets into boycotting products made in Israel, largely due to the Pro-Israel Buycott countermovement. Where they have succeeded, unfortunately, is in intimidating small businesses.

Many prewar Germans knew voting for the Nazi party and Hitler was wrong. This is where the Brown Shirts came in handy. Their vicious tactics at German polling stations guaranteed a Nazi victory.

Code Pink is no different.

They brutalize small businesses in the same fashion, pushing the little people around, just as the brown shirts did.

Unlike major retail stores these small businesses do not have the finances to withstand people outside their stores spreading lies and scaring away customers. It is also harder for every little business being attacked by these fascists in Pink to garner attention sufficient to bring in the support of the Buycott campaign.

The question is: what do we, the supporters of Israel and small businesses do to fight these modern day anti-Semitic brutes?

Hit back and hit back physically.

Just as Benny Siegal and Myer Lansky sent in their boys to break up the American Nazi Bund league gatherings, the supporters of Israel must stop pulling their punches. We can no longer be patsies.

If there is going to be a Code Pink protest, it needs to be met head on, physically JDL or those truly concerned about the Jewish Nation and Israel need to be organized and put to the task of physically confronting these fascists. It is the only way to confront modern day anti-Semites.

History has shown that turning the other cheek and appeasing anti-Semites merely makes them stronger and weakens freedom.

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