Wednesday, December 21, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Although most Americans are aware of George Washington’s face on their one-dollar bills and Abraham Lincoln’s countenance on the fiver, I wonder how many can recall who graces the ten-spo

Just happens to be Alexander Hamilton, killed in an “honor” duel in 1804 by then vice-president Aaron Burr at Weekawken, New Jersey. Thanks to “gangsta” movies and hip-hop, we all know whose mug adorns the 20-dollar bill or “Benjamin:” Benjamin Franklin, of course.

Since the one, five, ten and 20-dollar bills are already facially occupied, my suggestion is that the U.S. Mint immediately smack Barack Obama’s mug on the three-dollar bill.

Ooops! You say that there’s no such thing as a three-dollar bill in the States. Well, you are as right as Sir Obama usually is wrong!

What’s more, you are close to getting my point: that there’s nothing phonier than a three-dollar bill, as the saying goes; nor phonier than the president of the USA

The Democratic leader not only is his country’s con master, he expertly performs that role by employing such tried and true devices as his pseudo-believable grin which has been turned into an art form.

When that grin flashes on naïve Jewish audiences, I’m most reminded of notorious speakeasy operator Texas Guinan who – during the Prohibition Era – would greet her night club patrons with a simple welcome: “Hello, Suckers!”

That’s precisely the aura the president created when he appeared last week at a conference of 6,000 Jewish-Americans in Washington sponsored by the Union for Reform Judaism. These Reform Jews actually believe that Obama is the pal of Jews and, yes, even Israel.

This egregious bit of deception is reminiscent of Jews from the 1930s who believed that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was “a friend of the Jews” despite substantive evidence to the contrary.

Never mind that in June 1939, FDR turned away a shipload of 900 Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. These poor souls had escaped Hitler’s Final Solution on the SS St.Louis. The vessel actually was in sight of Miami where it hoped to dock, allowing the Jews a blessed taste of freedom. But Roosevelt nixed the mooring and the ship ultimately returned its Jewish cargo back to Europe and certain death.

Nor did FDR do any favors to concentration camp inmates. Despite innumerable opportunities, the president refused to order the railroad tracks to Auschwitz, Dachau and other death factories blasted to smithereens by American bombers.

Barack Hussein Obama has proved to be FDR’s equal as a deceitful “friend of the Jews.” How did America’s super-con man seduce the Reform Jewish crowd? A review of his performance in Washington reveals how and why the Obama act works for Jews.

For openers, the chief executive wooed the eager-to-love audience by telling them his daughter actually goes to bar and bat mitzvahs.

Wow! And the president even had to caution his kid about her skirt length. His staff even had him give the listeners a bit of Tikkun, Olam, not to mention the week’s Torah portion, Hineni. The con then reached its climax when he – for the umpteenth time – opened his canned comment: how he steadfastly supports Israel.

Naturally the crowd ate the prez’s applesauce as though it were 100 percent pure Delicious. How could anyone challenge the man’s support for Jews and Israel after an Oscar-quality performance like that?

America’s finest sardonic comedian, W.C. Fields, had the answer for that in his title film, “Never Give A Sucker An Even Break.” And there were 6,000 Jewish suckers at the Reform event, most of whom were too naïve or too brain-dead to understand that they had just been hoodwinked by America’s “Top Con.”

Had those Reform Jews noticed, they were forewarned about the non-kosher baloney they were about to be served. The S.O.S. (Stop Obama Salivating) came in the form of full-page ads taken out by the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) in several leading U.S. newspapers. The warning was as blunt as its theme: STOP BLAMING ISRAEL FIRST.

Unfortunately, the litany of Obama Administration hypocrisy was left almost untouched by the 6,000 Reform Jews.

* They were mute on the repeated snubs Obama has delivered to Benjamin Netanyahu on his visits to Washington, nor did they question Obama’s snide complaints about Bibi with French President Nicolas Sarkozy when the leaders thought they were off-mike.

* They didn’t challenge Obama’s Secretary of State Hilary Clinton on her ignoring the heinous subjugation of women in most Arab countries, yet dared to charge Israel with discrimination against women.

* They abstained from indicting Obama’s Arabist Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, who blames Israel for “the failure of talks with the Palestinians,” as though Bibi hasn’t been offering for months to have such a peace parlay.

* Nary a soul present could confront the President about the sin of omission committed by one of his sugar daddies --U.S. envoy to Belgium, Howard Gutman.

Howie recently laid the rise of anti-Semitism in the Arab world to, naturally, the feet of Israel and the deadlocked talks with the PA, conveniently omitting the fact that Arabs have hated Jews for centuries, nearly always violently. Maybe Gutman doesn’t know about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who actively and avidly helped Hitler to launch his Final Solution, but he damn well should – and so should those 6000 Reform Jews.

An Israeli who understands the shame of Obama’s sham act before the Reform group, Lynn Sharon, offered this retort in an email to friends: “… Let’s not forget his (Obama’s) unforgettable Cairo speech. He referred several hundred times to the HOLY KORAN. And when he did mention Israel, he forgot our historical and biblical links and roots to the Land of Israel.

“ … He stated to his Cairo audience that the UN ‘gave these Jews part of Palestine’ (a state which never existed) to compensate for the Holocaust. … He later kowtowed to that Saudi Arabian autocratic prince, but did he use that opportunity to visit Israel? … Aren’t we a Middle Eastern state?”

Sharon went on, “The enthusiasm of the audience made me think of obsequious Court Jews. Turn on the charm and use a few Hebrew words, and you have them in your pocket.”

If Obama’s performance at the Reform Movement Conference weren’t so pitiful, it would be funny. In fact, it reminds me of a Groucho Marx line: “These are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others.”

And if you don’t like those principles the President will do what he did to the Reform group – give you a three-dollar bill!

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