Friday, December 2, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Can no one see that good, American tax payer money is being flushed down the toilet by the Palestinian leadership.

Mahmaoud Abbas and his underlings are becoming worse than Yassar Arafat when it comes to their hypocrisy.

Abbas has the nerve to say he has no pre-conditions to renewing peace negotiations, then demands that Israel freeze all settlement in Judea and Shomron. He claims he has no pre-conditions, then has the nerve to demand the international community recognize the 1949 armistice line as the border of a future Palestinian state before he returns to the negotiating table.

If this were to happen then there would be no reason for Abbas to return to the table because there would be nothing to negotiate.

The PA does not want to talk peace with Israel for one simple reason: they would actually have to compromise to agree on genuine peace. This does not fit into the Palestinian playbook. They are not interested in real peace, or at least one that would recognize both nations’ (one Arab, one Jewish) right to independence.

The Palestinians still want all the land for themselves and have shown that to be their goal on numerous occasions, i.e. Camp David, when Arafat turned down statehood ostensibly because of the Palestinian Right of Return, which would destroy Israel.

Now the Palestinians feel they have added a Hail Mary pass to their playbook, one that would nail Israel to the cross: a Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

This would be illegal in international law because of accords signed during the Oslo agreements. It would also be in direct violation of UN resolution 242, which demands a negotiated agreement. But that does not seem to bother the Palestinians, thanks to Kosovo’s recent unilateral declaration of independence!

By unilaterally declaring independence the Palestinians believe they will get world support behind them, thereby defeating Israel diplomatically and thus capturing their main goals: all the land in Judea and Shomron, East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, plus the Right if Return for all Palestinian refugees. That is the destruction of Israel as we know it.

The Israeli government seems to sleeping on this one, which is unfortunate. This is not the past and a Palestinian declaration of statehood today would not be the same as the PLO declaring statehood at a PNC convention in Algiers circa 1988

The government of Israel must mobilize quickly to pre-empt and be ready for this new Palestinian ploy when and if it happens. The question is how do you do that?

There will be two, possibly three, stages of fighting Israel must prepare for.

Pre-State diplomatic battle-

Israel must start – now -- by emphasizing the criminality of the act, both in International Law and in stark contrast to UN resolution 242, if carried out by the Palestinian leadership. It should be made clear to all international parties that this is not the same situation as Kosovo. (Simon – why isn’t it the same situation as Kosovo?)

If the Palestinians unilaterally declare statehood and break UN resolution 242, Israel will no longer be obliged to abide by any of the UN resolutions pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel then could annex whatever lands she desires, with no land given back in return.

Post Palestinian state declaration-

Israel should be the first state to recognize the new Palestinian entity.

That’s right!

Israel, as it has in the past, should recognize the Palestinians right to freedom and self-determination. But it must be stressed that should the Palestinians have their state, they must now bear the full responsibility of statehood!

Israel will stop protecting the PA from Hamas. Israel will stop supplying the Palestinians with electricity, gas, water and etc. That would become the responsibility of the new Palestinian government and their oil-rich Arab brethren!

Most importantly the Palestinian state will have to take full responsibility for policing and controlling its population. If they fail to do this Israel legally will be able to declare war on Palestine.

War with Palestine-

After Israel’s recognition of Palestine, she needs to let the Palestinians attempt to run their country with no interference; even helping wherever possible.

But at the first instance of Palestinian aggression, Israel must launch a lighting quick ground campaign like Russia’s war with Georgia, or Israel’s Sinai Campaign in 1956. It will have to be quick and punishing; all of the PA state will have to be taken over. When the dust finally settles and the UN steps in, Israel will agree to leave all areas occupied during the war for permanent peace between the two countries … NOTHING LESS!

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