Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dear Friends and Supporters of Israel,

I have thought about this for a long, long time: the voice of the pro-Israel camp is so weak in comparison to that of the Radical Left and Pro-Palestinian elements actively trying to destroy our nation.

Facebook is an amazing example of what is wrong with the Pro-Israel camp: Instead of speaking as one voice, one page that represents the Pro-Israel side, there are hundreds -- mine included -- of pages all competing for the same goal. Maybe it is being Jewish, and the need that we Jews have to all voice our individual opinions. Problem is, there is no room anymore for us to be broken up into all these different groups.

We need to come together, and to do it as fast as we can. Time is growing very short; this new American administration is as dangerous to Israel as any bomb made in Iran. Between the Iron Dome, David’s Wand, Pac 3 and Arrow Missile defense systems, an Iranian ballistic missile can be shot out of the sky. Barack Hussein Obama cannot, and he has set his sights on our country.

As we all see, Facebook is a way for us to come together, and if we choose to put our egos to the side and join together under one umbrella page, we will gain the power to influence the political and diplomatic landscape.

We need to do this and to do it NOW. Groups like AIPAC, while being very important are not enough and have in many ways long lost touch with the voice of the common person. That is where we come in, acting as an NGO fighting for Israel. We can move in ways that the Foreign Ministry of Israel cannot. We can fight in ways that are less diplomatic, much like our friends the Palestinians and radical Left have been doing quite effectively, unfortunately.

It is high time we come together, take off the gloves and fight these bastards! We can start on Facebook and move our creation to where ever it needs to go.

I am ready to disband my page, call on all the members who have come to support me and ask them to join the group we all create.

As our forebears did when they went about creating our great country, we of many different opinions and mindsets need to stop, call on the members of our groups to come together and form a new congress, plenum, that is capable of meeting the evil that seeks to take our country, self-determination and freedom away from us.

Thank you very much for your time. I hope to hear from you soon and hope that you will join with me to fight for Israel.

GUERRILLA ISRAEL is here and will remain here to fight for the truth and freedom of Jewish self-determination in our land the land of Israel. We ask all of you who support our noble cause to join us.

Long Live Israel and the Jewish Nation.

Simon Fischler

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