Friday, December 9, 2011


By Simon Fischler

In a sane world, a world based on truth, a person like Roger Cohen would be the laughing stock of the media world. He would be a joke, albeit a very bad one.

In a world where truth and historical facts came foremost, Roger Cohen would have long ago been dropped by The New York Times. In a world of verity and justice, The Grey Lady would be ashamed to print his vile anti-Israel rhetoric.

Sadly this is not the world we live in.

It is incredibly important for the government of Israel to take notice of Roger Cohen, because his insidious lies against the state of Israel are worth more to the Palestinians than a million AK-47’s or Katushas.

His latest bout of dis- or misinformation printed on the pages of The New York Times lambasts Israel for not doing more to reach out to Turkey, Egypt, the Palestinians and, of course, President Barack Obama.

Worse, the Grand Fabricator blames Israel for the deaths of 9 Turkish Citizens who were attempting to break the Gaza sea blockade.

He does nothing to explain what truly happened on the Marvi Marmara; instead, to make Israel look bad, he intentionally leaves out the facts. He does not tell his readers these Turks were attempting to break what the United Nations (no friend to Israel) has called a legal blockade and to kidnap an Israeli commando.

When the Israeli commandos landed on the deck of the Marvi Marmara that night, they were using paint ball guns (maybe someone should suggest this type of “deadly weapon” to the Syrians) in an attempt to gain the deck without causing deaths to the passengers, some of whom were waiting to lynch the soldiers.

As the Syrian Army has demonstrated against its own people, it would have been far safer and easier for the Israeli commandos to spray the deck of the Marmara with machine gun fire before descending the ropes. This would have guaranteed a successful capture of the Marmara’s deck, but would have lead to many more deaths.

Cohen knows this and he also knows that it is not Israel that should be mending fences with Turkey, but Turkey that should be apologize to Israel. This is exactly what the U.N. Palmer report said.

Next the prevaricator blames Israel for her current diplomatic problems with Egypt! According to Mr. Mendacity Cohen, it is Israel’s fault that she has not done enough to respect Egypt’s new political situation.

Cohen wants you to forget that virtually every Egyptian established political party and their mother has called for revocation of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, while mysterious explosions regularly take place on the pipeline that is supposed to be sending oil into Israel, as per the treaty (Forget the fact that Israel discovered this oil while she held the Sinai and also established most of the profitable Sinai resorts, before returning the Sinai to Egypt as part of the treaty).He also neglects to tell you that the Egyptian government allowed Palestinian terrorists to cross its Sinai borders and murder 8 Israeli citizens.

When the IDF pursued these terrorists into Egypt (since the Egyptians soldiers were doing absolutely nothing) a firefight ensued and Egyptian border guards were killed.

What does that mean? It means the guards who were supposed to prevent these terrorists from infiltrating the border instead assisted them and even attempted to help their getaway.

Despite what REALLY happened, Israel apologized to the Egyptian government, in an attempt to aid U.S. President Barack Obama in maintaining a workable relationship with the military junta running Egypt at the moment.

Israel also did this in an attempt to make the generals running Egypt look good to the Arab Street. Did the Egyptian government ever apologize for the 8 Israeli citizens killed? No, of course not!

Cohen knows it should have been Egypt apologizing to Israel for failing to maintain control of its sovereign borders; not the other way around.

Next, the grand equivocator blames Israel for not respecting Barack Obama’s request for a settlement freeze. This is an outright lie and never should have been printed. Cohen knows that a majority of Times readers don’t remember that Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu did declare a tenth-month settlement freeze.

What Bibi did not agree to was an extension of that freeze after the PA had refused to sit at the negotiating table for nine of the ten months of the initial freeze, and then had the chutzpah to demand an freeze extension after about five minutes of futile discussion.

What does this mean in terms of Mid-East politics?

It means the PA under President Mahmoud Abbas wasted an immense American diplomatic gift from the President of the United States of America.

NO -- I repeat -- NO Israeli government before Netanyahu's had ever agreed to a settlement freeze; not a Rabin government, nor a Peres government and definitely not a government run by Ehud Barak. Why? Because accepting this Palestinian precondition runs contrary to what international law and U.N. resolutions call for. It is made clear in all United Nations resolutions pertaining to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that their will be no preconditions to negotiations -- just as Israel theoretically cannot demand the Palestinians recognize it as a Jewish State before negotiations start.

So, Prime Minister Netanyahu handed over to Barack Obama this grand political gift and in return got nothing. The Palestinians proceeded to do what they have done to every other American President and Israeli Prime Minister: SPIT IN THEIR FACES AND DEMAND MORE.

Thus, when Obama came back to Bibi asking for an extension of the settlement freeze, Bibi correctly said thanks, but no thanks.

Cohen knows, somewhere deep down in his self-hating heart, that it is not Israel Obama should be furious with, but the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas.

To top off this Opus of Deceit, Cohen quotes an article written by Jonathan Freedland called “This is Israel? Not the one I love” for the London Jewish Chronicle.

In this article Freedland harps on the political situation in the city of Hebron.

Sadly Hebron is in an awful state; Cohen and Freedland are right about that. What Cohen and Freedland do not explain is WHY Hebron has been segregated -- why there are streets and roads in Hebron for Palestinians and streets and roads for Israelis.

You see, in 1929 Hebron was a majority Jewish city; not a slight majority, but a large majority. Also in Hebron lies the Cave of the Patriarchs, the second most holy site to the Jewish/Hebrew/Israelite nation.

In 1929 the Arab riots started and the Arab population of Hebron carried out what is today called the Hebron Massacre. Sixty-seven Jews were murdered and the majority Jewish population, a population that had lived in Hebron since the ancient world, was forced out by Arab colonialism and murder.

After the Israeli victory in the Six Day War of 1967, Jews returned to Hebron. One might think the Arabs who then lived in Hebron were lucky it was Jews returning: Arabs were not forced from their homes; they were not murdered in retribution for their actions; their homes were not stolen from them, as the Jews’ homes had been by Arabs in 1929.

The poignant (fabrication) told to the readers of The New York Times about Hebron is what makes someone like Roger Cohen so insidious and dangerous to the Israeli government.

This is why I call on the leaders of Israel to pay special attention to people like Cohen for he truly is an enemy of the state of Israel and the Jewish people. Roger Cohen is creepily dangerous for the state of Israel; he is the type of person who enabled and gave power to the Nazi’s in pre-war Germany.

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