Sunday, December 18, 2011


by Sarah Walton

It's not the Palestinian people who are at fault, who are the real enemy of Israel.

After all, since the day their leaders urged them to flee their homes so that "the mighty Arab armies could more easily wipe out the usurping Jews," the people now called "Palestinians" simply have been doing what their leaders told them to do.

It's their leaders who truly want to destroy Israel.

So Israel-hatred is laced through kids' text books (despite western demands to excise Israel-hatred) and driven into the people's heads from street corners, pulpits, over local TVs. The people are tacitly -- or openly -- encouraged to throw those rocks, strap on those bombs, scream that rhetoric. Worse, they've had more than two generations of having this anti-Jewish hatred pumped into them.

In other words, the so-called Palestinian people are simply cannon fodder for more powerful individuals' agendas, such as the Arab lobby, the Islamic lobby, the oil lobby, the left lobby -- who knows, probably the Green Lobby, the PETA lobby and antidisestablishmentarians!

Palestinians have been held in refugee camps NOT by Israeli "occupation," but by the UN and because keeping them in camps and ghettos has served a purpose for those in power who have never given up the intent to destroy the Jewish state.

If the people have no real home in what could have been a Palestinian state, the possibility exists that they might one day have a home in what was Israel. That is the primary reason why refugee camps still exist in Gaza, the West Bank and even Lebanon.

The Palestinian people could have had their state in 1947, but had they accepted the division of British Mandate Palestine, there still would have been war between Israel and Palestine, for largely physical reasons that have NEVER been addressed.


For one thing the whole problem of how Israel would exist between Gaza and the West Bank has never been addressed realistically or practically. This incredible physical divide -- which is far more important and difficult than a few settlements in Judea and Samaria (parts of the Old Kingdom of Israel now called "The West Bank") would be as problematic today as it was then, were a Palestinian state created tomorrow.

This is a topic which deserves discussion; not whether Israel should be boycotted or divested.

Secondly, when the Mandate was divided into Israel, non-realized Palestine and the Kingdom of Jordan, why was Jordan so huge, while Israel and Palestine would be so small? Was it simply because most of Jordan is barren, mountainous and largely uninhabited?

Or could it have been because western oil powers knew that much of what would become Jordan had no major oil reserves?

This is a topic which deserves discussion; not whether Israel should return that part of the Syrian Rift known as the Golan heights to Madman Assad.

Why is Jordan called the Hashamite Kingdom? Who are the Hashamites? Who put the monarchy there? How is it that a "foreign" monarchy is ruling a majority Palestinian population (unacknowledged by anyone), is from a different religious sect of Islam than most of the population (which Assad is, too), was basically put there by a colonial power and yet has had fewer problems from the "Arab Spring" that has impacted virtually every other Islamic country in the Middle East?

This is a topic deserving discussion; not whether Israel is committing suicide by not "embracing" the Arab Spring.

Who really wants Israel to keep a strong presence on the eastern edge of the West Bank, along the Dead Sea and down to Eilat? Not the US or the EU, but King Abdullah of Jordan.

Israel has treaties with only two surrounding Arab nations: Egypt and Jordan (there has never been an actual signed treaty with Turkey; it has simply been mutually profitable for Israel and Turkey to deal with each other over financial and trade factors, until Erdogan began the destruction of secular hegemony in his nation).

It's apparent that the treaty with Egypt is on the verge of being flushed down the Middle Eastern toilet. Once the Islamic extremists take over Egypt, as they are doing right now, you'll hear the distinct sound of that toilet flushing.

So why do you think Jordan has maintained the guidelines of its treaty with Israel, largely without casting stones?

Because the monarchy is sitting on a huge powder keg, and that keg is stamped with the word "Palestinians."

The Dead Sea, Eilat in Israel and Aqaba in Jordan are hugely -- and mutually -- important for the two countries. And Abdullah does not have the power to maintain peaceful control over much of his country, particularly from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, WITHOUT ISRAEL'S HELP.

The problems of the Gaza/West Bank Divide and the treaty with Jordan are but two thorny issues NOT BEING DISCUSSED BY ANYONE.

Instead, the world is doing what it has ALWAYS done: making up horror stories about the Jewish nation.

Just look at the monstrous acts being performed by these terrible Jews: they're destroying their own democracy (which, even if they pass every disputed law currently under consideration, would still make Israel less oppressive and more democratic than ANY Arab country in the world).

The Jewish Nation of Israel has created an "apartheid" state (in which Israeli Arabs are Knesset members, own their own lands and receive full benefits of citizenship, but don't have to serve in the army -- an "apartheid" most Muslims in other lands would accept gladly).

Israel has committed "racism" and "crimes against humanity" (unlike Sudanese Arab Muslims raping and pillaging hundreds of thousands of their own Islamic brethren ... because they are Black. Or, how about Darfur, Rwanda, Spain against the Basques, England against Ireland, Turkey or Iraq against the Kurds, Turkey against the Armenians? Would you like me to go on?).

Israel has committed the terrible crime of tying the Jewish religion directly into the intrinsic nature of the nation, with no concrete division of religion and state (as though there are not more than 20 nations which are distinctly, irrevocably and oppressively Islamic).

Where does the world come off thinking it has a right to judge Israel while NOT judging others by the same rules?

And why does the world persist in ranting and raving about Israel and the so-called "Palestinians," without addressing the genuine physical realities that exist and will exist if a Palestinian state is created?

Because, let's face it, folks: the world hates the Jews.

Consciously (the Muslim world) or unconsciously (much of the non-Islamic world) -- the world simply cannot deal with the reality of the reincarnation of the nation of Israel. EVERYBODY wishes she would simply disappear (Hitler was only doing what everybody secretly wished somebody would do ...).

Ye gods! Maybe Sophocles was merely writing about the Jews and religion! Is this the son(Islam) and daughter (Christianity) trying to kill Mom and Dad (Judaism) all over again?

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